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Are You Yearning for Snow???


yearning haiku

I am! ;)

We’ve had quite a bit of rain recently, here in BC but just a bit of snow that melts before it hits the ground at lower elevations (where we are). 

This haiku and photo came to mind today, as I scanned the cloudy skies.

Any snow where you are?

Have a wonderful, magical weekend! :)


(Almost)Wordless Wednesday: Swirling Night Sky



The clouds in this photo remind me of brushstrokes in a painting. 

I’m keeping this photo in mind for when I get back to my own painting! ;)


Sharing with Wordless Wednesday 

Happy Mid-Week

(Is your week going fast? Mine sure is!)


Taking “NEVER GIVE UP” to a Whole New Level!

If you haven’t seen this video re: Diana Nyad’s amazing and triumphant swim and her realization of a 35 year dream, do click through.

This brought tears to my eyes, but in a good way.

I’m going to keep this one in mind, when I’m in need of some inspiration. Wow!

I guess 60 IS the new 40 after all. ;)


Waiting Out the Storm



Waiting Out the Storm.

Just get through it.

Another day, hour, minute.

Hold fast. Hold on.

At times, the reasons. Why it matters.

Seem so far away.


Waiting Out the Storm.

To breathe hope back into life.

Stale bread into salad days.

Shatter the Night.

Embrace the Day.


Waiting Out the Storm.

No more wrong turns or tricky detours.

No “haste makes waste” decisions.

This time: the boring route. 

Safe: can be a pleasure, not a curse.


Waiting Out the Storm.

The circle continues.

The sun always shines.

It has to be enough at times.

To remember and believe without question.

Those absolutes and affirmations.


Waiting Out the Storm.



Photo courtesy of Flickr 


A Late August Evening: The Changing Sky at Sunset

I took these photos from our back porch last night.

In a period of only 5 minutes, the sky went from how it looked in the first photo to how it looked in the last one. Amazing how the colors and shapes can transform so quickly. I’m glad I hurried to get my camera, it didn’t last very long.

It was all so beautiful….Hope you enjoy the views too. :)


Also submitted for: Skywatch Fridays.                            


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