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Poem for Spring



     season of renewal……  

A time for change.
  A time to look forward.  
 To leave past mistakes behind.
To let each day simply bring, what it will bring.



Flowers in bud, leaves unfurling.

The fragrance, indescribable and everywhere.

The light and the sky brings memories of Van Gogh.

With brilliant blue, sunflower yellow.  


Snow, sinking into the ground.

Where does it all go???

Back to start the cycle, all over, once again.   


The past is put behind us.

The winter cold, a faint and fading memory.

We shed our coats of clothing and fears.

Once again, we are, happy and young.   


We look ahead to new beginnings.

And with luck, renewed or untouched love

It is, always the best.

The true wonder of….


‘Poem for Spring’ © Geraldine H. Hartman 2000

‘Red Tulips’ -photo © Caroline Brown










Author: Geraldine

I am a freelance writer, poet, artisan, avid book/product reviewer and award-winning cookbook author. I recently published the second volume of my new vegetarian cookbook series: -The Groovy Green Kitchen II: Simply, Super, Supper Soups and my fun and inspirational book, all about aging well: -Laughing AT the Grim Reaper! Gems of Wisdom for Aging Well I am also the author of: -The Groovy Green Kitchen: Weeknight Veggie Slow Cooker -Third Chapter, Second Chance (a mid-life romance) -Not Just for Vegetarians: Delicious Homestyle Cooking, the Meatless Way and the poetry collections: -Haiku Reflections:The Four Seasons (Volume i and II) and -My Poetic Path All titles available at, .ca, UK.... When I'm not writing or creating new recipes, I love to knit and crochet; usually with some "help" from feline friend, yarn-loving Mr. Cheddar! I hope you will visit and enjoy all of my blogs.Thanks for stopping by. Wishing You a Happy Week and Namaste! :-) You can also visit me at my new author's site:

13 thoughts on “Poem for Spring

  1. The energy of renewal.

    Well done. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Congratulations on your new blog Geraldine. This poem and the previous one are nice bookends. Between the two of them you span a range of emotions that beautifully and aptly describe the ending of winter and beginning of spring.

    Good luck with My Poetic Path! I’ll visit again soon.

  3. Lovely Geraldine – I can tell you’re going to have a lot of fun with this blog! 😉

  4. Delightful, the photo of tulips and the poem.
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hi Geraldine,

    This is a very fine poem about spring, I love the reference to Van Gogh. Thanks for the link, I’ve added you to mine and look forward to reading more of your stuff. Take care,


  6. how lovely, yes spring is renewing, restarting fresh, love the reference to Van Gogh

  7. I like the reference to Van Gogh too and the vibrancy in your poem. This Spring so far is snow and hail and grey clouds , though the birds are singing beautifully

  8. I like the image of shedding coats like old, unnecessary skins. Beautiful poem. Thanks for joining in!

  9. Two lovely photos and lovely poems. My favorite line in each:

    We shed our coats of clothing and fears.


    my very favorite…

    To be alone in this moment.
    To seal it, wrap it carefully in a delicate leaf of black lace

  10. great response to the prompt…beautifully spoken promises of renewal and tomorrow… cycles of life…

  11. Hi Jason, Thanks for the compliments and your continued inspiration to all of us, via Clarity of Night. I know I speak for many!

    Hi C, Thank you for being so supportive, almost from day one of Veggies….and to the present. Thanks also for your great blog, Earth Friendly Gardening, such a source of info. and inspiration and also GREAT PHOTOS too, can’t forget those. 😉

    Hi JL, You are soooo right, I am having lots of fun over here and of course still love Veggies…too.

    Hi MaryAnne, I’m glad you enjoyed the poem and the flowers. You are a true lover of flowers and beauty. It comes through in all your posts.

    Hi Bob, Glad you enjoyed this poem, many people have mentioned the ref. to Van Gogh and how they liked that line in particular. I have added you to my blogroll too.

    Hi Lissa, Thanks for your lovely compliments.

    Hi CGP, Again, I’m glad you enjoyed the ref. to Van Gogh. I have always been mesmerized by the beauty and depth of his paintings. The skies and the yellow flowers he so loved, in particular.

    Hi Sandy, Isn’t that one of the best parts of springs, shedding off old layers and coats no longer required. Thank you and glad you liked this poem.

    Hi Raven, I must admit, the line ref. to the black lace is one of my favs. of what I’ve written, it just seemed so appropriate to put it this way, in the poem.

    Hi Pie, LOVE your avatar photo btw, but now I’m hungry! Yes, it is all about cycles, isn’t it? My next poem will be along those lines too.

    Thank you for all the feedback and for taking the time to stop in. Love to read your comments and of course visit your blogs too. So inspiring to share the great work you all bring to cyberspace. I am so glad to have met you all!

    Huggs, G 🙂

  12. I love the hope of renewal on so many levels here and the anticipation of blossoming beauty.

  13. Truly lovely poem!

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