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By way of getting here….


How we got to where we are…I love those stories.

Always helps me to form a better “picture” of the person writing the story….Here’s a small window into mine.



Always helps me to form a better “picture” of the person writing the story….Here’s a small window into mine.

On writing:

 Definition of a journalist:

1 a : a person engaged in journalism especially : a writer or editor for a news medium b : a writer who aims at a mass audience.
2 : a person who keeps a journal.


I started out, many moons ago, to be a  journalist ( 1). Way back in the ‘dark ages’ …I headed to the big city of Toronto, 17 years young and green as the Prairie’s early spring wheat.     

What an experience it all was! To walk along Yonge Street (wow, skyscrapers!!) apparently the longest street in North America and probably the most famous in Canada. Being so far from home, being on my own for the first time, especially coming from a very small city by comparison, was heady stuff indeed. Happily it is all still there in my memory to savor, and it all comes back to me now. A good time in my life.

Life has taken many twists and turns since my days at Ryerson. Writing has always been a part of my life, sometimes more, sometimes too little, since my first trek to Toronto. Many places, loves and losses have come and gone. But what always remains, and what this blog again brings to mind, is my love for writing and for reading. And for the sheer joy of playing with a phrase or finding the perfect word (and that certainly doesn’t always happen) .

Just recently re-read: On Writing, by Stephen King and it continues to be one of my favorite books. Crammed full of insights into the man and his craft and gems of wisdom for his readers to utilize in writing and life in general.

Stephen has certainly taken a long and winding road to get to his place in the world today. But rich or poor, famous or not, the craft of writing is in the blood of all writers. It is there always, whether we are inspired or not and whether we are writing or not. But when it all comes together, it truly is magic.

To create more than we thought we had to give or to express. I am grateful to be a journalist ( 2) and a  paid writer (albeit part-time) and glad to be writing this story.

On this cold and windy Prairie night, it feels like the right place to be. 

PS: I wrote this story a couple of years ago and happened upon it recently, going through some of my archive posts over at Veggies…

Thought it might be of interest to some of my MPP readers.

Perhaps it will in turn inspire you to share some of your own writing experiences and memories. I look forward to reading them. 


Author: Geraldine

I am a freelance writer, poet, artisan, avid book/product reviewer and award-winning cookbook author. I recently published the second volume of my new vegetarian cookbook series: The Groovy Green Kitchen (Volume 2): Simply, Super, Supper Soups and my inspirational, pro-active and fun book/eBook, all about aging well: Laughing AT the Grim Reaper! Gems of Wisdom for Aging Well. I am also the author of: The Groovy Green Kitchen (Volume 1): Weeknight Veggie Slow Cooker. Third Chapter, Second Chance (a mid-life romance). Not Just for Vegetarians: Delicious Homestyle Cooking, the Meatless Way and the poetry collections: Haiku Reflections: The Four Seasons (Volumes I, II and III) and My Poetic Path. These titles are available at all the Amazon sites. When I'm not writing or creating new recipes, I love to knit and crochet; usually with some "help" from feline friend, the yarn-loving Mr. Cheddar! 🐱 With Blogger, I also host my new author's site: Geraldine Helen Hartman and my product review blog: My Real Life Reviews. I hope you will visit often and enjoy all of my sites.😂 Thanks so much for stopping by. Wishing You a Happy Week and Namaste!

7 thoughts on “By way of getting here….

  1. Geraldine, you have me thinking. I’ll be back….

  2. Geraldine, did you not find journalism fulfilling? I’m curious why you didn’t pursue a career in journalism? I know that some people find that journalism can be a bit negative but it’s such a great way to get into a writing career. I think you’d have been a very fine journalist!

    Thanks for sharing that lovely bit of your own writing history with us — always interesting.


  3. That link didn’t take me to a story G, just a “taking a break post.” What’s a MPP? I’d love to read one of your stories after seeing your amazing poetry.


  4. Thank you for this wish for rest and the beautiful photo.

  5. Lovely…

  6. Hi Sandy, Ok, so what’s on your mind? It will be interesting to see how you follow up with this…

    Hi Diane, A very long story, in a nutshell “life happened” and given my very young age at the time, some bad decisions in retrospect. I wish I could say I have no regrets, but I do. Live and learn. I think it’s finally happening now….sigh!!!

    Hi Tammy, You are so very kind and your support is always appreciated so much. I actually have a short story coming up soon…stay tuned.

    Hi Patricia, Perhaps this comment was for the poem above? Thanks so much.

    Hi Sallee, Thank you too dear.

    Your comments and visits are most appreciated, G

  7. Sorry about the late response. I have been so remiss. Your love of writing definitely shines through. To me you take great care with words, almost as if they are sentient beings. so nice to learn more about you.

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