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Almost Wordless Wednesday:Calendar Quotes


Another gem from my desk calendar:

“We grow neither better nor worse as we get older, but more like ourselves.”

I think there is a lot of truth in this statement.

And perhaps a nudge, to consider the person we are becoming along the way?




 Another late summer photo to enjoy.

The flowers have really held their own, this year. I’m amazed how good most of them still look, especially considering the scorching temps. we had in July and August.

I always think pansies look like they are smiling. 😉 


Author: Geraldine

I am a freelance writer, poet, artisan, avid book/product reviewer and award-winning cookbook author. I recently published the second volume of my new vegetarian cookbook series: The Groovy Green Kitchen (Volume 2): Simply, Super, Supper Soups and my inspirational, pro-active and fun book/eBook, all about aging well: Laughing AT the Grim Reaper! Gems of Wisdom for Aging Well. I am also the author of: The Groovy Green Kitchen (Volume 1): Weeknight Veggie Slow Cooker. Third Chapter, Second Chance (a mid-life romance). Not Just for Vegetarians: Delicious Homestyle Cooking, the Meatless Way and the poetry collections: Haiku Reflections: The Four Seasons (Volumes I, II and III) and My Poetic Path. These titles are available at all the Amazon sites. When I'm not writing or creating new recipes, I love to knit and crochet; usually with some "help" from feline friend, the yarn-loving Mr. Cheddar! 🐱 With Blogger, I also host my new author's site: Geraldine Helen Hartman and my product review blog: My Real Life Reviews. I hope you will visit often and enjoy all of my sites.😂 Thanks so much for stopping by. Wishing You a Happy Week and Namaste!

9 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday:Calendar Quotes

  1. Hello Geraldine~ I’ve always thought I was myself. Growing up I was compared to my mother or my father in looks and I’d always reply that I was myself. I guess I understood at an early age I was my own person, different. Great flowers. Hope all is well. Have a great night.

  2. VERY nice thought. I’m gonna think about that.


  3. I’m with Michelle. I think we are ourselves from the very beginning we just acquire different strings to our bows along the way. However, it is very important to take a good look at ourselves from time to time to ensure we’re growing as we should.

    I always think pansies look like they’re smiling too. Have you seen the mini ones? They have planted them in our local park. Too cute!

  4. I think that’s an accurate assessment! What a lovely photo…

  5. Geraldine,

    Let my comment to this post express my thoughts on the statement:

    “We grow neither better nor worse as we get older, but more like ourselves.”

    And in reference to the message you sent.

    Oftentimes, we are so focused and get carried away with the pains and sorrows in life that we fail to realize that they are part of the molding process that God does to make us what we are capable of becoming. I thought God as a sculptor and we are clays and He meticulously shape us to become the best version of ourselves considering the raw materials that we are in his caring hands.

    The shaping process is painful – picture in your mind the wires that a sculptor puts in His craft to achieve a certain shape to his works, the fire and heat He applies to achieve a certain color and texture and strength, the time He has to patiently wait to finally see His finish masterpieces that we are.

    Picture also in your mind the cicatrices of a sturdy tree, notice that time and nature put them in its trunk for some reason – it was painful, but it added beauty to the natural sculpture of a tree that only nature could possible do.

    In life, we need to learn to live our sorrows, because they would always be part of our shaping process and true to the statement: they make us more like ourselves.”

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  6. So true!
    Those pansies are really bright. And the color combinations are unusual.

  7. Hi Michelle, You have been fortunate to have felt this from a young age. I think for a lot of us (including me) the search to “find oneself” continues….

    Hi Mia, SO nice to see you again Mia!

    Hi Selma, I knew you’d share the smiling pansy theory! 😉 I agree with Michelle too but at the same time, i can relate to this quote as well. I feel that I am still evolving as a person but at the same time, some of my traits have been lifelong. I really like this quote.

    Hi Sallee, So nice to see you again too. Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Jeques, Thank you for another very thoughtful and thought-provoking comment. I will think on this awhile…

    Hi SandyL, These are such pretty pansies although the photo doesn’t do them justice!

    Hugs and Happy Mid-Week, G 🙂

  8. Interesting thought, Geraldine. Something to ponder deeper…

    And lovely pansies! Still so beautiful mid-September! Do they bloom all summer then? I didn’t know.

    *many hugs*

  9. Gorgeous colors. I will so miss my pansies!

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