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Haiku Reflections: Talisman




Also submitted for this week’s  OSI prompt: Talisman


Happy Thanksgiving!

PS: If you are looking for  a wonderful dessert recipe for this weekend , you might enjoy this new post over at Veggie’s: Carrot Cake Revisited…

If you like carrot cake, this recipe will not disappoint!  😉


Author: Geraldine

I am a freelance writer, poet, artisan, avid book/product reviewer and award-winning cookbook author. I recently published the second volume of my new vegetarian cookbook series: The Groovy Green Kitchen (Volume 2): Simply, Super, Supper Soups and my inspirational, pro-active and fun book/eBook, all about aging well: Laughing AT the Grim Reaper! Gems of Wisdom for Aging Well. I am also the author of: The Groovy Green Kitchen (Volume 1): Weeknight Veggie Slow Cooker. Third Chapter, Second Chance (a mid-life romance). Not Just for Vegetarians: Delicious Homestyle Cooking, the Meatless Way and the poetry collections: Haiku Reflections: The Four Seasons (Volumes I, II and III) and My Poetic Path. These titles are available at all the Amazon sites. When I'm not writing or creating new recipes, I love to knit and crochet; usually with some "help" from feline friend, the yarn-loving Mr. Cheddar! 🐱 With Blogger, I also host my new author's site: Geraldine Helen Hartman and my product review blog: My Real Life Reviews. I hope you will visit often and enjoy all of my sites.😂 Thanks so much for stopping by. Wishing You a Happy Week and Namaste!

30 thoughts on “Haiku Reflections: Talisman

  1. The photo and poem are both truly divine. How fabulously inspiring! Gorgeous!

  2. I feel the calm, too! That is a wonderful poem.

  3. This is an excellent photo and I love the haiku.

    Looks like you’ve chosen your talisman stone, just below the second line.

  4. Found you at OSI, very nice posting

  5. Geraldine, between your picture and the intriguing haiku I am wondering where
    the talisman was discovered. 🙂 Good ending, in a safe place for the writer.

  6. wonderful photo
    great words to match
    perfect for our prompt~

  7. Enjoyed the artistic stone photo and poem.

  8. That looks like a good place.

  9. Loved the calmness captured in the picture, rock pieces-beautiful, blue and serene.

  10. Yes, that scene does radiate calmness. I enjoyed the feel of this piece.

  11. That is some intricate structure; I love the photo and yes it seems very peaceful there.

  12. Haiku, a great picture and even the offer of a carrot cake. How irresistible.

  13. oh- doubletake. I have a very similar image of the day at my blog today as well. different waterway. same idea.

  14. the placement of the stones (a heart!) is inspiring, as is your verse.

  15. Wonderful…both words and photo! And oh my, that carrot cake sounds/looks delicious.

  16. Simply stunning!!

    Have a great week 🙂

  17. Fascinating! A superb Haiga…

  18. Calm is magic! Nice take on the prompt. Love the rocks.

  19. I really like this, Geraldine. I think there are lots of places in the natural world where we can find things that act as talismans. I am a bit of a rock collector. I have bags of them in the bottom of my wardrobe (don’t tell anyone or they’ll think I’m mad.) I gather them from different places. I do feel there is a magical quality to them as they absorb our body heat and our vibes. Excellent haiku!

  20. This is my second visit to your blog….The first time, I didn’t have a chance to leave a comment…I was at work, having a hectic crazy day and your pictures of peace took me to a place where I “remembered”. Thank you for these beautiful reminders — in both pictures and poems — of stillness. I’m sure I’ll be visiting often!

  21. i can feeel the calm…its serenely beautiful..

  22. It does feel like a calm place and what better talisam is that?

  23. I love the photo, and your haiku gives this feeling of calmness.. Beautiful 🙂

  24. AHH.. that pic calms me down too.. lovely write Geraldine 🙂

  25. Hi Patois, You’ve made my day! Thank you for the lovely comment.

    Hi Gautami, And that’s a very good word! ;<)

    Hi Sandy C, Being by the water always makes me feel calm. The setting was even nicer there…

    Hi Joe, Glad you liked it dear.

    Hi Maurice, Welcome to MPP and OSI, I hope you'll join us again.

    Hi Jim, I have several stones that I have kept as talismans. I love smooth flat, deeply colored stones. They do seem to give off a good energy, at times.

    Hi Tammie, So glad you enjoyed this one.

    Hi Maggie, And to you too Maggie!

    Hi Tony, It was. 😦 Stones are no longer there but the memory and photo remains. Aren't cameras wonderful inventions?

    Hi Swapna, Thank you so much and welcome to MPP.

    Hi SandyL, I really had fun with this one. I was inspired and the words came easily to accompany this photo.

    Hi Christine, It seems lovingly built, doesn't it?

    Hi Nathelie, I'm glad it all appealed. 😉 Hope you give the recipe a try too.

    Hi Pearl, You certainly do! Great minds eh! 😉

    Hi Sue, It is a heart, isn't it? I really hadnt noticed a distinctive form there before. Thanks Sue!

    Hi Sweetest, Glad you enjoyed this work and nice to "see" you again.

    Hi Anna, And to you too.

    Hi Sue, You are so kind, thanks Sue.

    Hi Kathie, Long time no see, welcome again! And so glad you enjoyed this work.

    Hi Sel, I won't tell anyone, promise but I don't think collecting rocks is "crazy" at all. I love rocks, seashells, driftwood…it's all good.

    Hi Tania, I am SO glad you stopped by and left a comment. I left one for you this a.m. over at Beths.

    Hi Shraddha, I'm glad that feeling comes through…thanks S!

    Hi Carrie, So true!

    Hi Lena, Thanks Lena, I'm glad to see you again.

    Hi Leo, I am so glad to read that Leo, thank you.

    Hugs and Happy Week to all of you, G 🙂

  26. Dearest Geraldine!
    Where oh where did you find that photo?! It’s delicious–want to eat it up!

    Love the haiku, tu…

    So…YES, on being a guest blogger for VTH–when? On what topic? Name it…

  27. Hi! What a beautifully peaceful and calm place that is! Everyone should have a place like that! Beautiful haiku too~ Thanks soooo much for your kind comments recently- they are so appreciated!!! It has been a difficult time. I also love your dinner suggestions and will delve into your cooking section and recipes a little more deeply (the carrot cake looks delicicious!). Happy Thanksgiving to you!!! And thanks again for being such a sweet friend!

  28. Hi Sallee, So nice to “see” you again and thank you!

    Hi Beth, I have plenty of inspiration for pics, here in BC. This shot was taken at our local park. I’ll think on the guest blogger invitation and topics, thanks again.

    Hi Patti, I am so glad if I helped in even a small way. I am posting again over at Veggies…(probably once a week) so Ill have some updates there too for recipes etc.

    Hugs and Happy Thursday, G

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