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Time after time…


Talk about a coincidence….


I recently happened to find this book: The Search for Bridey Murphy at our local library, in the “free” bin. Thought it might be worth a read. It was.                   

And this week’s OSI prompt: reincarnation certainly was a timely one considering that I just finished the book, a  couple of days ago.

My belief in reincarnation is long-term and absolute. I have no doubt that people can live more than one life. The likelihood of it happening on a regular basis, that I’m not sure of. But I do believe it is possible.

I have also been fascinated for many years, by the (largely untapped) power of hypnotism. I have been hypnotised on numerous occasions, by a professional hypnotist/doctor and also having utilized self-hypnosis. An aid to stress-relief in my case and yes, it did help significantly.

Bridey Murphy is the incarnation of a woman who was born in 18th century Ireland. The book’s author: Morey Bernstein was a businessman/avid (albeit self-proclaimed amateur) hypnotist who hypnotised (on several occasions) a woman named Ruth Simmons (not her real name) in Colorado during the 1950’s.

During the time that Ruth Simmons was under a deep trance and had been age-regressed to a time before her current lifetime, she recalled and told in detail, a story of living in Ireland during the early 1700’s to mid 1800’s.                        

Details of the story are hard to dispute. Many times the researchers and media who followed up the story in Ireland were astonished by the information that Ruth had provided. At first glance, it often it seemed that historic details did not match up with what Ruth had said during her hypnotic trances. But upon further investigation, it became clear that Ruth knew a great deal about living at this time in rural and urban Ireland.Many of the details would have been very hard to uncover, unless the person had actually lived during that earlier time.

If you are interested in the subject of reincarnation and/or age-regression and hypnosis, this is definitely a book worth the time. Let me know if you do read this book or have already.  I’d like to know if you also were left to believe that Bridey Murphy did indeed exist and was reincarnated through Ruth Simmons.

Time after time…do you believe?

Also submitted for the OSI prompt: Reincarnation

PS: On a less serious note, I wish that prices for bestsellers were being reincarnated too, based on this book!  😉

PSS: I also have a new post over at Veggies… If you have a lot of fall apples to use up, you might want to stop by!


Author: Geraldine

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18 thoughts on “Time after time…

  1. That sounds like a great book. Thanks, Geraldine.

  2. sounds interesting. thanks for sharing some background on the book. have a great day/ weekend.

  3. The Bridey Murphy case helped popularise reincarnation in the west, although I’m not sure it’s the best example. It’s one of my pet subjects, and whilst I don’t accept reincarnation in its classic meaning, there’s some incredible things go on in the phenomenon.
    Enjoyed your post.

  4. This sounds just like a book I would gobble up… thank you for bringing it to our attention! I love many of the same subjects you mentioned.

  5. I have read about this person in the book and from what I recall…it was a remarkable recall.

    It certainly gives food for thought.

  6. It’s certainly worth taking a look at the book! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Was that a movie a while ago? I am headed to our library today, I will look for it.

    I believe we might have been around before. Why not?

  8. Excellent post! I was fascinated by her story.

  9. Hi Geraldine;

    sounds like a good read book…wish i could have a copy of it..:)

  10. That is intriguing. I am very interested in reincarnation. When I was travelling in my early twenties I felt a strong affinity and familiarity with many places I had never been to before, particularly in France. It was very odd. I have also met a lot of people I feel I have known before. It is definitely a feeling of old souls reconnecting. Reincarnation is something definitely worth researching!

  11. Hi Sandy, You are most welcome!

    Hi Michelle, By the end of the book, I was a believer in the Bridey Murphy story. Before, I wasn’t so sure. It is worth a read.

    Hi Tony, Ill have to check out this topic over at your blog. Thanks for the heads up.

    Hi Shadowplay, Welcome and I hope you get a chance to read this book.

    Hi Maggie, It was a famous case. I wasn’t aware of it before I found this book but there was a lot of interest at the time it was written and beyond.

    Hi Jukota, I think so too.Nice to “see” you again.

    Hi SandyL, It probably was a movie. If it wasn’t it would have made a good one. I’m still trying to get a copy of “Haiku Mind” from our local library. It’s been on order for ages. Ever since you recommended it, I’ve wanted to read it! 😉

    Hi Sue, Book reviews are not my usual OSI offering but I thought it was appropriate this time, given that I had just finished the book.

    Hi Amity, There are scads of copies available still. Used ones are very reasonable at Amazon etc. The libraries usually have a copy too. Happy searching!

    Hi Sel, The song: “Where or When” is playing in my head, as I read your comment Sel. A song btw that I have sung on occasion, in public and private. LOVE IT! I know the feelings you refer to, Ive had them many times too.

    Hugs and Happy Week to you all, G

  12. Geraldine, wanted to come over and thank you for the visit and the kind words. And then I find that we have something in common. I read The Reincarnation Of Bridey Murphy in the 7th grade. It pulled me. You should read The Girl with Blue Eyes….and of course I’m sure you read Edgar Cayce. Yes, I have a strong belief as well…and my older son confirmed it for me when he was three. So pleased to meet you!

  13. How very interesting, Geraldine. Although, I’m a sceptic, in general, I find this – and hypnosis – extremely intriguing and I certainly wish it were more than a human desire for some sort of continuation after death. Food for thought…

  14. A fascinating post – has piqued my curiosity about the book

  15. I’m always fascinated by her story. I’ll have to scare up that book.

    While I don’t really believe in reincarnation, it’s not as if I know for sure and it’s a wonderful concept. It would also explain my 3 year old brother’s alias.

  16. Hi! Such an interesting topic and an excellent post. I do believe in it and am mildly interested in past life regressions. I have not read the book- but it looks like something I would like. Have a great weekend!

  17. Hi Sandi Mc, Yes, I have read quite a bit about Edgar Cayce but have not read the other book you mentioned, Will add it to my “must read soon” list. Thanks for sharing this.

    Hi Gautami, Thanks for a most inspiring prompt Gautami!

    Hi Vesper, I have been interested and involved with hypnosis for many years, as I explain in this post. The age-regression potential I find fascinating. I don’t know that I was ever age-regressed while in a trance (perhaps I was) but if I get the chance to be hypnotised by a professional again, Im going to ask to try this.
    Maybe I was a genius in another life? 😉

    Hi Gabrielle, It's interesting reading, that's for sure.

    Hi Carrie, There's a fun story in that last line, am I right?? 😉

    Hi Patti, Thanks for your kind words Patti. It's a topic that can certainly impact our lives I think. If nothing else, it's interesting to at least consider.

    Happy Weekend and now I'm off to OSI to check out tomorrow's prompt. Perhaps Ill see you there?

    Hugs, G

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