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Farewell, for a while…



Portland Headlight lighthouse photo courtesy of: Sandy


Pigeon Point lighthouse photo courtesy of: Carrie


I have always loved lighthouses. Beautiful, memorable and in many ways, mysterious “guardians of the night”. Beckoning the seabound to safe harbour, for centuries and throughout the world.

Right now, I am seeking a “safe harbour” in life.

Life has been overly “hectic” for quite a long time now. We continue (Joe and I) to work through several challenges. Some good, some we could do without. But we are not giving up. We feel the new year beckoning with good people and new experiences, on the horizon.

For now, I need to focus on working through what’s currently “on the plate”. I also look forward to coming through the next few months to emerge: a  happier, calmer and more content person, in 2010.

I will be taking a  “time out” from regular blogging/posting, to regroup. When time and the opportunity permits, I will continue to visit my favorite (so many!) blogs. Hopefully, you will also stop by when you can and leave a comment to let me know “what’s new” in your life .

I will truly miss the weekly contact with all of you but I shall be back!

I want to also share two of my favorite poems that I wrote some time ago, in keeping with the lighthouse prompt this week at OSI. I re-read these now and feel the inspiration that was there when I wrote them.

I hope to find my poetic muse, once again.



Wait for Me

Scanning the early morning light.

She slowly climbs the stone stairs.

As another day dawns.

Pale grey horizon.

Sea spray fills the air.

Salt: bitter taste on her parched lips.

Mingles with a wayward tear.


Turbulent, ominous sea.

In control and in command.

To take away






“Wait for me”

His last words.

Eyes so blue, kind and sure.

But even then….

Sharing their last embrace.

She sensed the darkness.

Drawing near.


Now she stands and stares.

Flaxen hair,

strays wildly from her crimson cloak.

Hands cold with fear.

Clutching the rails of the

Widow’s Walk.

Breath comes hard.

Fighting her greatest fear.



Holding his love close.

Wrapped in the veins of her heart.

Sensing him.

Wanting him.

Her one and only.

Precious and dear.


“Wait for me”

She whispers in reply.

Trembling in the cold, biting wind.

Powerful needs of body and soul.

Dreams so fragile.

If only to glimpse his ship.

“Please God, oh please…”

…soon to be here?


Out on the ocean.

Dark and deep.

Furious, mighty waves.

The elements.

Sailors of the deep, calling.

These enemies surround him.


He stands alone.

Stalwart, tall and brave.

Eyes facing.

Heart racing.


Homeward bound.



Clinging to comforts.

Seeing her warm, welcoming smile.

Fragrance of lilies, fading.

Sighs and sorrow.

As another day returns to the night.


“Wait for me”

He shouts in vain;

to the rain-drenched, thundering skies.

My everlasting promise:

To return to you.

Once again.



Will remain.


Will sustain.


“Wait for me”



Lady of the Sea

What is this unseen force that draws us to the sea?

A lifetime of yearning that never seizes.

A subtle whisper in the recesses of our minds.

Until we find ourselves.

Finally there.

Awakening to her soothing song.


Merging, mesmerizing colors.

Ivory and aquamarine in subtle,swirling patterns.

Sandy brown beach and shimmering shoreline.

Drawing us, ever near.


For centuries past and for all time to come.

The Lady of the Sea will be calling.

Lucky are the ones.

Able to answer this eternal invitation.


Whether from the shore.

Or enveloped in her open arms.

Gazing toward the land.

As the Lady grips the bows of countless ships

In her firm, yet loving hands.


Lady of the Sea.

I hear you calling.

Year after year…

I have not forgotten.

I will not forget.


My heart longs to gaze upon your beauty in the morning light.

As the new dawn gently beckons.

To watch the crimson sunsets, slipping silently into your depths.

As another day ends.

To finally rest upon your shores.

And never to leave again.


I will return to you.

To find my own special place.

Cradled in your welcoming embrace.

And never to leave again.


Submitted as the OSI prompt suggestion for this week: Lighthouse

PS: As expected, Mr. Cheddar wants a final word/meow  re: farewells. Stop by Veggies…for his thoughts. 😉


Author: Geraldine

I am a freelance writer, poet, artisan, avid book/product reviewer and award-winning cookbook author. I recently published the second volume of my new vegetarian cookbook series: -The Groovy Green Kitchen II: Simply, Super, Supper Soups and my fun and inspirational book, all about aging well: -Laughing AT the Grim Reaper! Gems of Wisdom for Aging Well I am also the author of: -The Groovy Green Kitchen: Weeknight Veggie Slow Cooker -Third Chapter, Second Chance (a mid-life romance) -Not Just for Vegetarians: Delicious Homestyle Cooking, the Meatless Way and the poetry collections: -Haiku Reflections:The Four Seasons (Volume i and II) and -My Poetic Path All titles available at, .ca, UK.... When I'm not writing or creating new recipes, I love to knit and crochet; usually with some "help" from feline friend, yarn-loving Mr. Cheddar! I hope you will visit and enjoy all of my blogs.Thanks for stopping by. Wishing You a Happy Week and Namaste! :-) You can also visit me at my new author's site:

35 thoughts on “Farewell, for a while…

  1. Dear Geraldine — I understand the urge to withdraw and regroup very well. Hope all goes well for you in this endeavor. Don’t be a stranger. Hugs, Sue

  2. love the “wait for me” poem

    I totally understand the need for a break, I hope you enjoy your time being away from blogging and hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  3. Sure hope you come back soon. Have a beautiful Christmas.

  4. Come back soon, friend. We are here for you. You are beautiful.

  5. Having just returned renewed after a couple of month essentially of not really blogging, I can tell you honestly that it is so very necessary to take a break to recharge and renew. We’ll be here when you return dear Geraldine.

  6. I think we all look for that safe harbor at some time in our hectic lives. Best wishes. I enjoyed reading your poetry.

  7. i love you dear!!

    you will be missed..

  8. Lovely post. U will be missed

  9. I will look forward to your return, and hope that this break will be just what you need. Thank you for sharing these two beautiful poems…they touched me deeply.

  10. Dear Sue, I will still be visiting all of you, when I can. The posting will have to be on hold for a while, here and at Veggies…maybe that’s a good thing, now and then.

    Dear Lissa, I’m so glad you enjoyed this poem. I am always happy to read your latest story or poem. Always a wonderful discovery at your blogs!

    Dear Christine, And to you as well, dear C! Keep sharing your wonderful photo scenes, they are treasures. I have one as my current screensaver!

    Dear SandyC, You are an inspiration to us all. Thanks for everything you do! And you do so much.

    Dear Cat, I love your new blog format. I will miss you all but I hope to get things “straightened out” sooner than later and find the time and inspiration to really enjoy my writing again. Thanks for your continued support and friendship, I’m glad we met over at Jason’s.

    Dear Rob, I thought that was a fitting description of what I am hoping to find. Thanks for your kind words Rob.

    Dear Shraddha, I love you too! And the name of your blog: The Self-Love Project, is good advice for all of us. I’m taking it! 😉

    Dear Jeeves, Thanks so much, nice to know. I will miss all of you too.

    Dear Sweetest.., How nice to read this. That’s what poetry is all about, isn’t it? Touching the heart. Or so it should be. I’m glad this did. I loved your post for this prompt too.

    Many hugs, Geraldine

  11. Here’s wishing you well and look forward to your return.

  12. Have a beautiful Christmas

    & thank u for the prompt & the lovely verses ..

  13. These are such lovely poems. It is time for us to regroup.

  14. Geraldine, these poems are superb! Your words always awaken me. Good luck in your endeavor and let me say that I will truly miss your posts. Until you return, then…be well, be safe, be warm, be loved.

  15. best of luck to you and for the new year to come!

  16. Awww. I will miss you. You are a truly lovely person and a brilliant poet. Sending you all my love XXXXX

  17. Geraldine, thank you for letting me feel that I am knowing you. Best of wishes for your retreat from the blogs. Sometimes we just do too much. If I wasn’t retired I couldn’t do my blogs like I do either.

    I will be looking forward to you returning, you have such poetic talent of which I do wish just a little would rub off on me.
    FYI, to keep up with me my other blog is more of a journal sprinkled with some fun. It is Jim’s Little Blog at Bye for now, ((((HUGS)))) 🙂

  18. nice poem. it’s very creative. I like the pictures also

  19. hope what’s on your plate is nutritive and tasty, so to speak.
    may your regrouping time is rich and brings you back to a better place.

  20. Good luck with everything!! And be back soon 🙂

  21. Dear Tony, Thank you for your kind words. I will miss you all, very much.

    Dear Zoya, And to you too, dear Zoya, Love your name btw, I’ve never heard it before.

    Dear Joe, I couldn’t agree more! Sunshine is on the way…

    Dear Sue, Your continued support has meant so much. Thanks again for all the encouragement.

    Dear Floreta, And best of luck with your Christmas wish, it’s a goodie!

    Dear Sel, Oh my dear friend. What can I say except: Thank you, again and again.

    Dear Jim, Always bringing a smile to the blog world, thanks Jim. Keep up the positive vibes! Always important and not enough out there…

    Dear Josh, Welcome and thank you very much.

    Dear Pearl, I’d say right now, more like “leftovers that have been rewarmed too many times” LOL 😉 but better “dishes” on the way!

    Dear Lena, My blog bud from Russia. How nice it’s been to get to know you.

    Happy Holidays and All the Good Things in 2010. What a nice ring 2010 has!
    Many hugs, G 🙂

  22. What a beautiful post Geraldine! Your choice of prompt was fantastic. I totally understand your need for a blogging break- you will be very much missed! I will be awaiting your return! Happy Holidays and take care~

  23. “Wait for me … never to leave again” — great lines. The two poems are one.

  24. Thank you, Ann, for peeking in on our Granddaughter. Ain’t she cute! I will post another picture this weekend.

  25. Dear Patti, Thank you for your kind words, always. I will be back! 😉 I’m actually stopping in already so I guess I haven’t gone that far LOL.

    Dear Carlos, Welcome to MPP. Yes, the two poems are related, aren’t they?

    Dear Jim, Oops, no Ann here but I did see the darling baby pics. 😉

    Hugs and Happy Weekend, G

  26. there is a similar pull in the lines of the two poems: wait for me & I will return to you
    they are each lovely poems.
    Wishing you grace as you take time and space to feel and regroup.

  27. Happy Holidays Geraldine!! Enjoy!!!

  28. Dear Geraldine,

    Splendid poems… I love the sea and lighthouses… one cannot be without the other and yet they are complete opposites…

    Take your time and find the strength and the inspiration to find that “safe harbour” in your life. My heart is with you.

    I hope your Christmas is merry and that the New Year will bring you only wonderful things.

    Many hugs,


  29. Happy New Year, Geraldine!


  30. Dear G –

    may you find all that you need as you move through this time, and you know I certainly understand needing to take a break – sending many hugs and blessings your way – I hope to find 2010 with some space for my own return to regular blogging – my most sincere best wishes

    hugs – Kayt

  31. Geraldine,

    I find myself coming back to the blogs as you are leaving for a while and it makes me remember how you were always there for me when I needed to retreat within. Please know if you need a friendly ear; I am here for you as you were for me. I will never forget how you reached out to me amid my pain and always made me smile when I thought I wasn’t able.

    You are a beautiful person. I am sending you love and light and putting your name on my healing altar. I will also add you to my reiki list.

    *healing hugs*
    *all my love and light*

  32. Hi Geraldine! Just checking in to see how you are! Have a wonderful weekend~~~~

  33. Hello everyone, Just checking in. Hope all is well. Progressing towards our goals, slowly but surely. With spring on the way, I feel a new sense of expectation and beginnings. I miss you all and send my best wishes to you, each and every day.

    Many hugs and “see” you soon. G 🙂

    Dear Tammie, I agree. The connection is there. My emotions continued from one to the other. Glad you enjoyed the read.

    Dear Patti, Thank you and hope yours was wonderful!

    Dear Vesper, What a lovely comment. Thank you for your continued support. I hope all your projects are going well.

    Dear Kayt, How lovely to see a comment from you again. I’ve been wondering how you were. I don’t “twitter” so I’ve lost touch. I hope you return to blogging in 2010, you have been missed!

    Dear Ruinwen, And how lovely to “see” you again too dear friend. I am glad that my support helped, in any way. Thank you for praying for me, much appreciated.

  34. Lovely site. I want to award you with a sunshine award for your great blog and work.

    I have added you to my links page.

  35. Stopped in to look around and didn’t get much farther than this post … love lighthouses too! The poems were both such a joy to read. I will return another time to explore more! Thanks for sharing and congrats on 2 years! wow!

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