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Good Parents: The Unsung, Quiet Heroes


teach your children

When the prompt: Quiet Heroes was suggested over at Woven Dreams:


immediately came to mind for me.

Good parents: who inspire, nurture, support and unconditionally  their children, 24/7.

To me, they are the ultimate (usually unsung) Quiet Heroes.

This song also came to mind:

Teach Your Children (click to enjoy)

by Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Love this classic tune…one that often plays in my mind.

“and feed, them on your dreams…”

If you have a Quiet Hero you’d like to honor, I hope you’ll join us at Woven Dreams this Sunday, the 14th. 

Photo courtesy of Flickr


Author: Geraldine

I am a freelance writer, poet, artisan, avid book/product reviewer and award-winning cookbook author. I recently published the second volume of my new vegetarian cookbook series: -The Groovy Green Kitchen II: Simply, Super, Supper Soups and my fun and inspirational book, all about aging well: -Laughing AT the Grim Reaper! Gems of Wisdom for Aging Well I am also the author of: -The Groovy Green Kitchen: Weeknight Veggie Slow Cooker -Third Chapter, Second Chance (a mid-life romance) -Not Just for Vegetarians: Delicious Homestyle Cooking, the Meatless Way and the poetry collections: -Haiku Reflections:The Four Seasons (Volume i and II) and -My Poetic Path All titles available at, .ca, UK.... When I'm not writing or creating new recipes, I love to knit and crochet; usually with some "help" from feline friend, yarn-loving Mr. Cheddar! I hope you will visit and enjoy all of my blogs.Thanks for stopping by. Wishing You a Happy Week and Namaste! :-) You can also visit me at my new author's site:

11 thoughts on “Good Parents: The Unsung, Quiet Heroes

  1. Only one of my parents was an unsung hero… my dad, who died long ago and who I still miss.

  2. I wish there were more good parents in the world. This was lovely, Geraldine, and I adore that song. I wrote my ‘quiet hero’ poem this morning, thankful we had our power back. This ice storm is something else and the sleet keeps coming.

  3. There are a lot of good parents who are quiet, unsung heroes, so true. Excellent post. And how wonderful to hear this great song again. Still as fresh as ever.

  4. Worthy heroes and often undermined by modern living.

  5. This is amazing on so many levels my friend. I wish to send this out to some friends if I may.

  6. Hi Val, I’m sorry about missing your dad, I can so relate though.For me, it’s my mom I miss so much. My dad and I were close when I was very young but not much when I got older.

    Hi Talon, Those hydro workers that brave the storms are quiet heroes, well paid heroes of course, but still, it’s a dangerous job and must be brutal in that kind of weather. Thanks for your kind words.

    Hi Joe, I just LOVE this song. Ironically, when I looked up Crosby, Stills and Nash to see what they were up to now, they are just starting another tour after a 20 year hiatus. How cool is that. They still sound good, a lot older looking though of course. 😉

    Hi Tony, Yes, so often that’s the case.

    Hi Keith, I’m honored Keith, by all means link to this and share if you’d like to. Maybe you’ll be able to share your post over at Woven Dreams too? Would be great to have you join us. Quiet heroes should be recognized for all that they do.

    Happy Week, G

  7. parents are def heroes…those that love on their kids…and also train them up…that love and care for their children in the good times and the tough times…

    nothing by me this week…going on walk about for a bit…see you soon geraldine…

  8. Beautifully written Geraldine. Parents are beyond important in a child’s life.

  9. Good parents are definitely heroes — wish there were more of them. Role models are definitely needed in this world of insanity. 😀

  10. Geraldine, good parents are quiet heroes; they do not seek recognition of their efforts, only their chidren’s wellbeing, always. I know mine are like that and I know that’s how I’m trying to be… Thank you for this post!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog to say hello. I’ve been very busy and haven’t felt much like surfing the blogs. We’ve also had a lot of snow but that’s gone now. It looks a lot more like spring today. Have a very nice week!
    xoxoxo 🙂

  11. Hi Brian, You’re going to be missed but a blog break can be a very good thing! I usually take a month off at Christmas and another in the summer, time to reconnect with the “real world” and give my eyes a break too, from starring at a screen so much!!! Happy Trails.

    Hi Teri, You’ve said it perfectly Teri, I couldn’t agree more.

    Hi Becca, Parents are such an important part of impacting a child’s future, for better or worse. A 24/7 job that no one is trained for but in spite of this, some people do it so well!

    Hi Vesper, Sounds like you have great parents and are continuing that in your own family now as a mom. It’s nice you could stop by today. I’m swamped too but I’ve got to have my blogging time. 😉

    Happy Week, G

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