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Famous Rejection Letters


Read this interesting post over at Cristian Mihai’s blog.
Isn’t it nice that indie publishing is changing the “playing field” in a big way now, when it comes to publishers holding so/too much power! Now, agents are trolling Amazon’s Kindle store for authors, on a regular basis. Talk about a 360! ;<)

Cristian Mihai

letterFor any aspiring writer, a rejection letter, regardless of the provenience of said letter, is one of the most dreaded of objects. In this line of work getting rejected is considered a sort of literary murder – people are knowingly destroying something you’ve spent time on, and a lot of it. But the thing is everyone got rejected, more or less. I can think of very few instances when writers found publishers/agents from the first try. Or the second, or the tenth.

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Author: Geraldine

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8 thoughts on “Famous Rejection Letters

  1. The tables have definitely turned in the publishing world. It’s what the reader wants that counts, not necessarily what the publishers think they want. Definitely a step in the right direction.

  2. It’s the book sellers who have the last word… if they don’t know an author’s name on the publishers list they won’t take the books. That’s how it has worked here since the abolition of the net book agreement several years ago. Getting an agent is good if you can find one to take on a new writer.

  3. oh the rejection later mine was nauseating yep said that my book was too ambitious for their audiences and I also had run-in sentences …oh please , just send no thank you but not interested….geesh

  4. Wow can you believe it I feel so much better lol just goes to show….thank you this was terrific

  5. Ironical, isn’t it? I’m sure those publishers regret their decisions now. 🙂
    It’s a very tough business. One might wonder why we keep writing, why we submit ourselves constantly to the heartbreaks of rejections… but I know that writing is in me, and I know that I couldn’t stop, no matter what.
    Yes, self-publishing is changing the game, but at the same time, in a way, I think it makes it even more difficult to succeed. I mean, it’s easy to publish your book, but who will read it?…
    Food for thought…


  6. Hi Joe, I agree and in a big way! It’s all good.

  7. Hi Val, From what I’ve been noting at Amazon’s Kindle store, from books and ebooks I’ve read on the topic and personal stories shared by writers I know who are succeeding and in a BIG way via ebooks and self-publishing, I think it’s a very different playing field now. Yes, the book sellers still wield a lot of power, as do publishers and agents. But they aren’t the whole story anymore. When a self published book can end up on the New York Times list and when first time published authors can be in the top 100 on Kindle with the likes of Stephen King, it’s just too much of a (very good) trend to ignore. I’m all for it. I’ve read some wonderful ebooks since getting my Kindle by authors I would have never known about, had it not been for visiting Kindle store on a regular basis. :<) I think it's great! Gives us all hope and a lot more opportunities when it comes to our own writing.

    Hi Lorraine, I'm so glad you're feeling better, it comes through in your posts too. Keep with those thoughts and vibes! Wonderful.

    Hi Vesper, I don't know if publishers and agents have all that many regrets but it certainly is changing for them too. When the slush piles sit while they go looking for themselves (I've read about that and had it shared in emails several times by people in the know) it certainly is a big change. Don't give up on your work Vesper, you've got to believe in yourself. If we don't have that, I think it's almost impossible to succeed. And we all want success, in all it's forms, don't we. 😉 Hope all of your writing projects are progressing well; you have a lot of talent to share.

    I'm in a very good space creatively right now. Things are going better than they have in a long time. More about that soon!

    Lots of success in all your creative pursuits, G

  8. A very interesting read.

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