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Haiku Reflections: Lest We Forget Them


remembrance day 2013

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Also sharing with this Sunday’s Poetry Pantry at Poets United

Original photo courtesy of Flickr

Author: Geraldine

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23 thoughts on “Haiku Reflections: Lest We Forget Them

  1. Beautiful verse and photo. Very moving.

  2. Beautiful, Geraldine. Hopefully we never forget…

  3. It has been an emotional weekend but worth it. No, we will never forget.

  4. Such a magnificent tribute, bravo G.

  5. Thanks Teri.

    Kim, it’s so gratifying to see a lot of young people also attending Remembrance Day services in recent years. I know as a kid, I wasn’t all that interested or aware, when it came to veterans and their many sacrifices. But as the saying goes: we are destined to repeat the history that we forget. And unfortunately, that does seem to be happening, in so many ways, around the world. 😦

    Val, Yes, it always is, I agree.

    Lorraine, thanks so much. I tried.

    Sandy, thanks so much. I tried to stop by your blog via Google plus but can’t find a link to your blog. Nice that you are blogging again though!

    Hugs to all, G

  6. Good way to set the tone for tomorrow.

  7. so much said in just a few lines. Lovely and moving.

  8. I’ve been watching for the poppies. When I was a kid, we used to make a contribution at roadblocks facilitated by the volunteer fire company and get our poppies. Everyone wore them proudly. I like the inclusiveness of this haiku. and will just add aunts and uncles.

  9. Excellent haiku as a tribute for Remembrance Day. We must never forget. And the photo is perfect too.

  10. this haiku is a beauty and picture perfect tinged with sadness…….

  11. Oh… that is beautifully pictured. 🙂

  12. great poem for the day that is near….

  13. Definitely an important reminder….we must never forget those who served!

  14. This is a significant reminder for all to pause and reflect on lives lost.

  15. how can we, you know..
    though all to often it happens

  16. A reminder too that they may be gone but we will forever be thankful for those who served & protected us.

  17. A lot said in a few words. The haiku is a great form for this reminder.

  18. Lovely haiku, very moving. Gorgeous photo, too. Haiku + picture makes it a beautiful haiga. 🙂

  19. beautiful.. i like the photo as well.. red as the blood of fathers and sons spilled in wars.

  20. Hi Ollie, Welcome to MPP and thank you!

    Hi Nan, The beauty of haiku, I think it’s a wonderful poetry form. Thank you!

    Hi Susan, Yes, there are others to think of too, including uncles, grandfathers and mothers…so many who have given so much.

    Hi Joe, I love this photo, so glad I could find one that fit what I had in mind to go with this haiku. Long live flickr!

    Hi Sumana, Yes, tinged with sadness, so true.

    Hi HA, Welcome and thank you!

    Hi TransCan, Thank you.

    Hi Mary, I always like to have at least one Remembrance Day post each year, at my blogs. I think it’s so important to show support for those who have served all of us, selflessly. It’s hard to even imagine the kinds of sacrifices people in the services have made at times.

    Hi Kerry, Thank you, I tried.

    Hi Brian, Yes, but at the same time, it is encouraging to see so many young people who do seem to want to pay tribute, to remember…that touches me very much too.

    Hi MM, Yes, I totally agree.

    Hi Gabriella, Yes, I agree. This haiku came to me when I was working on something else. The words just fit together, first try. As we all know, with poetry or other creative writing, that’s often not the case. 😉

    Hi Loredana, Thanks so much. It’s nice when the two go together to form a haiga.

    Hi Natasha, I like the single poppy in this photo, set against the cloudy skies and fields beyond. The photographer did a stunning job with this one.

    Hugs to All, G

  21. The pictures and words compliment each other:)

  22. Your words and the photo are well married. No, we should never forget.


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