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Haiku Reflections: Snowball Days!


snowball haiku

We had a bit of snow overnight, here in Interior BC.

Brought to mind this haiku and all the fun of winter days as a child. 

I still love snow and winter (except the driving) that hasn’t changed. 😉

Thanks to everyone who sent along good wishes last week as I recovered from a cold; all appreciated. 🙂 I’m feeling better today but still not very energetic. 😦

How is your weather? Any snow?

Happy Week to All! 🙂

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Author: Geraldine

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14 thoughts on “Haiku Reflections: Snowball Days!

  1. Love the photos here. And I remember the ‘snowball fights’, too. 🙂 I was a lousy pitcher though. Missed a lot of my ‘targets’.

  2. Love this, brings back childhood memories in Vermont where I did much of my growing up. Snow? No, here in the midwest it will be 70 degrees to day.

  3. Oh … P.S. Be well … soon.

  4. 🙂 TOTALLY loved this post, Geraldine, because I am a HUGE snow lover. My favorite thing to do in the winter, just after it snows is to make SNOW ANGELS. What fun!!!

    Have a fabulously fabulous Sunday!

    Lovely photo and haiku!

  5. Oh yes, I remember those carefree days when we played in the snow, made snowballs & snow forts & snowmen. Your poem evoked some very nice memories. Thank you.

  6. still waiting to get our first snow here…i cant wait…i like snowball days…and now since i am teaching if the boys are out i am too…smiles.

  7. Love this photo, we don’t get much snow here to take pictures of, this is such a nice setting. The haiku is wonderful.

  8. Oh, the freedom of youth … lovely haiku & snow imagery. No snow here yet … raining today. Smiles 🙂

  9. This is so beautiful G, I love winter and throughout my life I’ve driven in the worst possible snow and ice storm, and never had an accident, I can drive in any storm without any stress, ’cause when my car started sliding all over the road I knew better than to try to bring it back especially when you’re on ice, so I let it go , and let God drive,it’s a lot safer…works everytime, you can’t control a wipe out others who drive also know to try to stay out of the way ’cause they know too, nothing you can do but drive with it and not drive….this is really beautiful, stay safe

  10. Lovely, Geraldine. Snowball fights make winter bearable. 🙂

  11. Hi Joyce, I wasn’t much of a ‘snow pitcher’ either but it was all fun.

    Hi Liz, Wow, that is warm weather. Here in Interior BC it’s plus 6 C and it seems balmy for Nov. Welcome to MPP.

    Hi Ron, Thanks so much Ron. I can picture you doing the “snow angels” such fun!

    We should never forget how to be a kid, no matter what age we happen to be. I don’t think you ever will, friend. 😉

    Hi Mary, I’m so glad I conjured up some nice memories for you too!

    Hi Brian, Do you get much snow in VA?

    Hi Joe, Thanks dear!

    Hi Loredana, Thanks for your kind words. It’s raining here too.

    Hi Rose, Thanks for stopping by. I wish you’d include a link to your blog when you visit so I could return the visit. Not on your profile either. 😦

    Hi Lorraine, I’ve done lots of winter driving too. On the Prairies, it can be a real challenge some days and that’s where I lived for a long time. I had to drive out on the highway to work every day for quite a while and I remember passing so many cars in the ditch on blizzard days that had passed me in a big rush, giving me dirty looks at times for going slow,, minutes before. I was still moving, they weren’t. 😉 Can’t help but smile just a bit, when that happens.

    Hi Sumana, Thanks. Love your name btw, I’ve never heard it before actually.

    Hi Kim, They sure add to the fun don’t they? 😉

    Happy Week to All, G

  12. Enjoy your time out.Enjoy the snow from your warm lounge room napping and reading:)

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