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Laughter Really is Good Medicine ;-)


dogs reading

How’s this for a reading group? LOL!!!

Can we ever have enough laughter in our lives?

Probably not.

Laughter not only makes us happy and makes us smile, it is also very good for us, health wise.
Many years ago when I was recovering from burn-out syndrome/ chronic fatigue syndrome caused by too much: worry, work, chronic stress…that eventually robbed me of my good health for almost 2 years, I read many stories about the healing powers of laughter.
I spent a lot of time on the sofa during that time of recovery. I wasn’t able to do much as my nervous system was virtually in tatters. Resting and re-thinking how I had been living to have ended up so weak and so ill.
 I tried to read mainly inspiring and healing stories/ books about real people who had been through illnesses caused by stress who had recovered and lived to tell the tale. The story of Norman Cousins and his remarkable recovery from a life-threatening tissue disease described in his book:
is a story that has always stayed with me. Cousins and his doctors believed that his recovery was due in large part to daily doses of lots of laughs, watching Marx Brother’s movies where as drugs and other treatments had had little or no effect for weeks. Cousins had actually been getting worse as time had been going by in the hospital, until he added the funny movies to his daily routine.  If you’ve never read his story, it is definitely worth the time.
I also recently found this interesting site that lists many of the health benefits of laughter.
When I’m having a bad, sad or mad day… a good laugh (or even better, lots of them) can go a long way towards turning things around and helping me to relax and reassess things. I love watching funny movies like: Take the Money and Run with Woody Allen and Back to School with Rodney Dangerfield, two of my all-time favorite, classic LOL movies.
If you have a funny movie, book, DVD…to share, please do.
Here’s to a year filled with lots of laughter. It truly is good medicine, for so many reasons! 😉

Happy 2014!

PS: This post is one I shared at my “Take a Happy Break” blog, a long while ago. I no longer post there but thought this was a good way to “kick off” the new blogging year, here at My Poetic Path.
My apologies for a bit of wonky spacing above. WP does NOT like copy and paste, it seems!!!
This adorable (and definitely not Mr. Cheddar approved) photo courtesy of Flickr

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18 thoughts on “Laughter Really is Good Medicine ;-)

  1. Laughter really is good medicine. We all need more laughter in our lives. Better than some other kinds and all good side effects.

  2. I also read that book a long time ago and always recommend laugh-inducing books and movies to people that seem to need them.
    Great post to start the year.

  3. I like this post…I like to read funny books. For example, i always like David Sedaris and am currently reading The 71/2 Habits of Highly Humorous People. Laughter really is good medicine. It’s a good resolution (for me) to take myself less seriously.

  4. I think I need to start adding more laughter into my life. When I want to laugh, I often watch a TV program called World’s Dumbest…it also makes me feel like a genius! Wish Art Linkletter’s show KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS was still on.

  5. I definitely agree with you, Geraldine. Laughter (and a long soak in hot water) can definitely cure many things. And possibly even better than just laughing is making someone else laugh. I’ve always felt my job here was to provide Comic Relief, even if often at my own expense. Laughing at myself along with someone else is SOOOO therapeutic. We tend to take ourselves far too seriously.

    Your right sidebar reminds me that I have a note to try the cover recipe this coming week. I decided I wanted to be able to give a testimonial to how good it was when I review your book, but it has been so hot here that soups and stews and hearty dishes have not seemed appealing. We are getting a small break, and I think my window of opportunity is here at least. Stay tuned to Bookin’ It, and I’ll try to get it up in the next few days!

    Stay warm. (I’m wearing shorts, but I’m not running the a/c…so for us, that’s a cold snap! Hahaha.)

  6. Geraldine, I have read the book you mentioned here in this post by Norman Cousins and loved it! And without a doubt, I do believe that laughter is the BEST medicine. In fact, whenever I’m sick, I bring out my I Love Lucy tapes and watch them. Also, I’m a big fan of Woody Allen, so his films do it for me as well.

    Comedy/humor has a way of lightening up any challenging situation and brings healing.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!

  7. Laughter is certainly a cure for so many woes in the world! Lovely post to kick start 2014! Wishing you a happy, fun filled and joyous 2014!

  8. I am so, so very sorry that you’ve ever had that misery in your life, that horrible nightmare that never leaves you, and I’m in awe that you were able to get back to who you were without any medications…I feel so proud of you. I can’t wish that I had done the same, because I would be dead.

  9. Love the pic, Geraldine! 🙂 There is nothing like a belly laugh to make you feel alive. 🙂

  10. A quick pop in, Geraldine and Mr Ched – to wish you a magical year filled with blessings, love and lasting memories! 😀

  11. Hi Joe, I couldn’t agree more. 😉

    Hi Teri, It’s a wonderful book, isn’t it? I read it a couple of times while I was sick and it really kept me focused on trying to stay positive and to rise above how I was feeling, thinking about good things, happy times…including lots of funny movies too. It all helped. I’m glad you enjoyed this post Teri. 🙂

    Hi Carol, Thanks so much for the book recommendation, I’m going to check that one out. 🙂

    Hi Rose, A long time ago, I remember Art coming on in the mornings, on the radio, sharing some of these ‘gems’ too. I thought it was such a good choice for a morning feature, while listeners were getting ready for the day. Balanced out some of the sad stuff that’s too often part of the news. 😦 I hope this year brings you lots of laughter and smiles.

    Hi Marcia, I agree about sharing a laugh, so much better than just by ourselves. I have a post series idea coming up that will be along those lines, stay tuned. 😉

    I can’t imagine winter without lots of soups and stews. 😦 But then again, I like soup even when it IS hot outside. 😉

    Hi Aditit, What a lovely, upbeat comment. Thanks so much. And I wish you all those things, in return.

    Hi Lorraine, My wonderful doctor at the time knew that I was sick from how I was living. He had seen “burnout” in so many of his patients and knew that without lifestyle changes, nothing would get better. He was so right (as usual). In spite of being a GP and his training, drugs were always a last resort in his choices for treatment and that was one of the reasons I admired him so much.
    I had so many people asking me for his name after I got better, saying things like: “I wish I had a doctor like that” but he was already swamped with patients. I know he’s a big part of why I got better and have stayed well for a long time, after that ordeal.

    Hi Kim, Yes, there really is nothing like it, is there. 🙂

    Hi Becca, Nice to see you again and all the best back to you and the kitties too.

    Happy New Year and I hope yours is off to a good start! G

  12. PS: Ron, how did you get stuck in my spam filter???? 😦 It is a wonderful book, I agree. And yes, can’t get much better than some of Woody Allen’s movies for laughs, the older ones in particular for me. I hope it’s a wonderful year for you, in every way too!

  13. laughter is definitely good medicine. for the moment, the movie ‘nothing sacred’ is a good choice, a very fun movie to see and enjoy.

    hope you have a great 2014.

  14. Dear Geraldine, I am trying to return back to the blog’s world and catch up with all my friends. I wish you a Happy New Year and a very healthy year!

    When I read about that you tried to recover from burn-out-syndrom I thought that is about me also. That is what happened to me a few weeks ago and I had to take a break. I am going to look at the book of Norman Cousins. It sounds very promising. Laughter is very healing. I believe in it with all my heart.

    Great post! I needed this post so much!

  15. I used to think that Dave Barry’s books were funny, but I haven’t read one in a long time and sometimes our appreciation of humor changes over time. My father used to be the funniest man alive.. for me. Point me to something really funny Gerry and I’ll make a point to read it!

  16. oops Geraldine.

  17. My grandson plays T-ball but the message is the same… I hope this is funny for a few of you. There are two crucial facts you need to know about DNA. The first one is:

    Your DNA is in charge.

    You may think you are in charge, but you are not. Your relationship to your body is the same as the relationship between a coach and a soccer team of four-year-olds. The coach can shout all the instructions he wants about kicking the ball, but if the players preferred to stand around picking their noses, they will stand around picking their noses. ~ Dave Barry

  18. Lissa, thanks for the recommendation!

    Kaya, It happens a lot apparently, I didn’t realize until I was sick myself. After I got better, I talked to so many people who had been through something similar.

    For me, it was 2 long years of not being able to go to work or do much of anything except read (when I could manage it) and sleep. I had almost all the symptoms of MS without actually having the disease. It was a very difficult time, but it did teach me a lot, especially about taking better care of myself, and taking REAL time outs, when the stress piled up. It’s essential.

    I hope you’re feeling much better now. And do take care of yourself too. 🙂

    Philip, I did make a couple of movie recommendations above, you might enjoy those. 😉 And yes, Dave Barry is a funny guy, I agree.

    Happy Week to All, G

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