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Trip Advisor and Their Policy Re: Censoring Reviews




As any of my regular readers already know, I’m an avid online reviewer, including at (I’m in the top 2000 reviewers there), at my 3 blogs and also at various commercial sites online.

I signed up at the site a while ago and wrote a few reviews there since then.

My questions re: their censoring reviews came up recently when I noted that my review of The Preserved Seed Restaurant in Nelson, BC which had been posted for several months on the Trip Advisor site, had now been removed.

What I ALSO noted at the same time was that all other negative reviews in a similar vein to the review I had written about this restaurant (they have more than one location) had also been removed. 

I was not able to find the original review I wrote as they have deleted it off their site and my profile but I was able to find the review I posted at Google about this restaurant, which is very similar in wording:

“If you support this restaurant you are supporting a cult. Do some research online (there is plenty to read) about the Twelve Tribes, the group that runs this place.
Former members have some very disturbing experiences to share about how this group treats their children, their views on women’s equality (or lack of in this case), minority groups, etc..
It’s very disheartening that in a place like Nelson known for it’s enlightened, caring population, that this establishment is still here.
If you care about where you spend your money, find out more. And look for another place to eat, there’s plenty to choose from in Nelson and without the negativity attached to them.”
I then contacted Trip Advisor about my review being removed and was told in no uncertain terms that they were: not able to disclose why my review was being removed and that their decision was final and would not be discussed further!! 
I’m curious whether anyone else reading this has had a similar experience with Trip Advisor?
If this is a regular occurrence on their site, what’s the point of reading reviews there?
If they aren’t flattering and positive reviews, are they all subject to their scrutiny and removal for any reason they decide upon? 
It is well-documented online that the group running these restaurants (which are now being called: The Yellow Deli) leave a lot to be desired and personally this is not a group I would want to give money or support to.
I found out about their background, after we had visited this restaurant. It is not a place I would ever go to again.
I would have liked to have been in the know BEFORE I had actually gone there and that is the reason why I wrote the review I did, at Trip Advisor. 
I want to support companies, businesses..etc, that I can feel good about, not ones like these. I’m sure that’s the case for a lot of other consumers too.
***What are your thoughts on these kinds of sites censoring reviews? Do you think my review should have been left up for others to read at Trip Advisor? ***
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PSS: My apologies for the wonky spacing in this post, WP is acting up again.
In the draft copy, there is plenty of space showing between paragraphs!!! Grrrr…..


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11 thoughts on “Trip Advisor and Their Policy Re: Censoring Reviews

  1. Geraldine, I think it’s horrible (and so unprofessional) that your reviews were removed from that site. I mean, the whole point of sharing reviews is to share HONEST feedback, whether it be positive OR negative.

    As you said, why even have reviews on their site if they’re going to censor them?

  2. Reblogged this on VEGGIES, YARNS & TAILS and commented:

    I would appreciate your opinion re: this recent experience I had posting a review at Trip Advisor, which was subsequently removed from their site. Thanks so much!

  3. Sorry to hear this. The same thing happened to me on YELP when I gave a detailed and fact-filled account of an experience we had in a restaurant in Washington. The review was deemed questionable/ inappropriate, and yet they lacked the courage of their supposed-convictions, and hid it (so it can be seen if you opt to look at it) rather than removing it. As Ron said, the point of sharing on those sites is honesty–but clearly, that’s not the motivator for those running the sites. Now I don’t trust what I see on review sites, knowing it’s skewed toward the business, and not the consumer (which is ironic, considering it’s supposedly both for consumers and made up of consumer comments!)

  4. Geraldine, I sometimes write reviews on Trip Adviser but have not had an experience as yours, even though I once wrote an unfavorable review of a restaurant in Costa Rica. Two things could have happened: 1) since the restaurant changed names, perhaps the review is no longer valid and 2) Trip Adviser might not have wanted a review having to do with ethics and morals. They likely want reviews sticking to the food, cleanliness and friendliness of the staff.
    What i find unacceptable is how they refused to give you an explanation which puts into question their integrity. And yes, I think your review should have been left for others to read and then let them make the choice.

  5. Aren’t reviews for the person interested to see if they will like an establishment. Reading various ones in different veins are what help one make a decision. Isn’t that what reviews are about? The personal experience. Even negative reviews have a place.

  6. I’d have to agree with others also, what’s the point of writing a review if someone can’t publish his/her view? You expressed yourself fluently and with a sound reason why the establishment was not worth hard-earned money. Strange they could not give you a reason! Sounds like they have been having a lot of angry reviewers ask the same question so your request was blown off. I’ve had this happen on also with a negative review of a “vegan” restaurant. It’s very disheartening.

  7. Thanks for your support, Ron and Becca. That means a lot. 🙂

    That’s what really ticked me off Julie, no real explanation why my review was removed and also being told that NO FURTHER DISCUSSION would be considered either. And the fact that all the other reviews of these restaurants that were negative were also removed at the same time, seemed very interesting too. I was a big fan of Trip Advisor but not any more. Thanks for your insightful comment and sharing your own experience too.

    I hear ya Carol but as I said above, knowing the background of an establishment CAN be relevant whether someone would want to patronize this business or not, at least that’s the case for me. I don’t want to give $$ to people and organizations that I have concerns about, in this case again as I’ve said above, there is plenty to read online about the background of the Twelve Tribes and most of it is not good.

    Just because a restaurant serves ok food, that’s not always a good enough reason to go there. Unfortunately, too many people don’t care about what goes on behind the scenes with this group, but I also know I’m not alone when it comes to wanting to support ethical companies. Thanks for your feedback though.

    That’s what I think Tess, if someone doesn’t care about a business owner’s background etc…then they CAN ignore a review like mine. But if someone DOES care, it’s there to consider and decide for themselves.

    The fact that several reviews of these restaurants (they are in several cities) disappeared along with mine, speaks volumes IMO, GenKikitty. Thanks for sharing your experience at HappyCow too. I am familiar with that site and surprised to read what you said, that’s unfortunate.

    Thank you so much for stopping in and leaving your thoughtful comments, G

  8. You should be able to write an honest review, whether it’s negative or positive. If it’s being censored, you have to wonder what’s going on behind the scenes. And what is the point of reading or writing reviews at sites like Trip Advisor, if that is the case?

    I feel the same way about the Twelve Tribes and these restaurants and other people should be told about their background. They can then make their own decision whether they want to go there or not.

  9. That seems rather biased on their part. What is the point of even using their service if one can’t get an honest opinion?

  10. I couldn’t agree more Joe,on both counts.

    thanks for the support patti.

    trip advisor, you should be listening!! I’m not the only blogger writing about this 😦

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