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Calling all MYWAY email users!


I noted today that the  MYWAY website  is shutting down, as of the first part of December.

I have a few myway email accounts and it’s not clear if they will still be functional, after their main website shuts down.

Any ideas, anyone??? I couldn’t find any more info. about this online. 

What a pain in the a….this is going to be, IF they are shutting down their email service too. 😦

Author: Geraldine

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18 thoughts on “Calling all MYWAY email users!

  1. Reblogged this on VEGGIES, YARNS & TAILS and commented:

    Hope someone can help with this ??? re: MYWAY email service.:-(

  2. Can’t help you. Never even heard of it before. You may want to print out your email address list so as not to lose them. You should use gmail.

  3. You can import it all into gmail once it is set up.

  4. This would take me a LOT of time Rose, I have several email addresses and hundreds of emails I’d not want to lose, in any kind of transition. I did try gmail at one time but I went back to myway, still preferred it. Hopefully, I won’t have to bother with any changes and this is just about their main website. I wish it was clearer though, what they have planned. 😦

  5. If they’re closing the service I imagine that would include email. Pity you don’t have your email addresses on a separate list.

  6. sorry G. never even heard of it, everything is messed up anyway, google can not authenticate my account my laptop keeps on sending me to IE 10 we know what a disaster IE 8 were, ‘sides I’m still on, i haven’t felt like blogging or visiting so,..who knows what i’ll end up with, best wishes to you…G

  7. That’s what I’m thinking Val, but they have included a separate log in address to use for email, so that kind of looks like they may just be removing their main home site: news etc…I hope so.

    Oh I hear ya, re: Windows 10 Lorraine, I’m not in any hurry for that upgrade. 😦 It’s been downhill since Windows 7, which I loved. If it’s not broke….

    Hugs and Happy Weekend, G

  8. Oh gosh, this is almost making me ill. I haven’t used my MyWay email for years… I can’t remember what problems I ran into… But I DO use it as my home page where I list all the sites I visit on a regular basis. More importantly, it’s how my (89yo) Mom’s computer is set up and I’m afraid this will put her in a tail spin!!! Any suggestions for a new web portal?

  9. If you’re a MyWay email accountholder, will still be able to access your email by logging in through the following URL: Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

    I have this notice on my Myway.

  10. I am SO very sorry to lose myway as a website, as I have been a member for well over 10 years. Myway is the BEST, and almost PERFECT friend. I have appreciated your up-to-date news, email ap, and the wonderful CLEAN website that you have managed. What could have happened to make you want to leave? I will be looking aroumd for the answer to that question.

    Please accept my SINCERE thanks for your competence, friendly disposition, and bannerless production. I do not expect to EVER find another like YOU!

    Good luck in whatever you choose to do!!!!

    Dr. Bob Perfetti, Little Falls, MN

  11. Beth, I’m hoping the email part of myway WILL still work, it seems that Randy (below your comment) things that it will too. But again, as I’ve said in my post, I’d like to be SURE of that.

    Thanks Randy, I read that on their main site too but it doesn’t seem really clear if this email option will continue.

    Yes, I’ve been happy with myway too, Dr. Perfetti, I hope they aren’t completely out of business. 😦

    Thanks for your comments, G

  12. From what I read at their site today, I think the email WILL still be OK. I hope so. It would be a lot of work for you to have to move all your email accts. to other ones.

  13. The email portion will still be working. Also FYI, is exactly the same as MyWay, except for lots of ads and links. So if you like the other aspects of MyWay besides email, you can still access them on Excite, albeit with annoying ads.

  14. I really like the “My Reminders” module on MyWay, so was relieved to see that I can still use it on

  15. Yes, good that the email WILL still be working, at least for now. 🙂 time to clean out some of the email folders though. ;-(

  16. Now the banner on the MyWay page has changed to say that the site is getting an upgrade, not shutting down! I wonder what is going on?

  17. Haven’t heard Sweet Baby James in a long while. Enjoyed hearing it.

  18. Could be worse….. I’ve had (well, I had) a Myway email account from just about the initialization of their service, but did not find out about its closure until mid-2016.

    Granted, I obviously did not use it much, but I am curious as to what online services I have where the Myway email account is my main or password recovery account.


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