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A Summer Haiku and So Long for Now…


I’m taking a blog break for the next few weeks.

Plan to spend more time outside and to work on several projects in progress too.

You can read more about what me AND Mr. Cheddar are working on here. 😉

I wish all my readers a happy, healthy and memorable summer. May it be your best one ever! 🙂

I’ll be back to blogging before autumn, hope to see you then.

♥ Lots of Hugs and Happy Father’s Day too! ♥


Haiku Reflections: Black Cat Magic!

It’s almost here!

I don’t think you can top a beautiful black cat to symbolize the magic of Halloween. 😉 Hope you enjoy this encore from the archives.

Wishing you a safe and spook-ta-cular Halloween.

Here’s to all the lovely memories this day/night also conjures up. 🙂

My Poetic Path

black cat haiku

Wishing You a Magical Halloween Night!

Original Photocourtesy of Flickr. Isn’t this a beauty? 🙂

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International Screen-Free Week: May 5-11


screen free week

You can read my post about this global movement here.

This is NOT about using computers for work or essentials.

But it is about not using a screen of any kind for entertainment purposes for this upcoming week.

A great time to reconnect  on a deeper level with family, friends and nature. 

This was PERFECT timing for me so I’m in! 

If You Are Too….

Happy Screen- Free Week. 😉


The Bells


The bells are ringing. 

Calling flocks of believers.

Summoning those resolute. 

Determined for a cause. 

Glorious peals and tolls of doom. 

Messengers and harbingers. 

Remainders and reminders of centuries past.


Bride, radiant and glowing. 

A vision in white. 

Easter lilies and crimson red roses. 

Fragrant cascade and fervent hopes. 

Awaiting the first chimes to call her beloved. 

Then jubilant, triumphant peals. 

As they walk together, hand in hand. 

While mourning doves soar in flight.

Glorious melodious morning. 

A moment in time. 

Burnished in their hearts.

Sealed in golden time. 



A young soldier. 

Lies in bed as another night closes in. 

Listening to his heart. 


But from depths unknown. 

Eager and ready. 

Stalwart; he awaits his call. 

That same sad toll his mother dreads. 

Off to battle. 

Perhaps never to return. 

Now, there is no escaping. 

As the bell drones on….


The Angelus.

Noon-time brings blessed chimes.

A brief pause to reflect and renew. 

Soothing, serene sound. 

Now the traffic of life swallows up and silences, 

this sweet refrain.

No longer time to stop. 

To be still and silent. 

For little more than the few moments gained. 

As we scurry through, yet another day.


The bells of December. 

Bell-ringers, resplendent in their festive garb. 

Call on the angels. 

With strains of the Halleluiah Chorus. 

And bring a special magic to the season. 

Outside; the snow continues to fall. 

Frosting the emerald trees. 

Painting a scene of wonder and light. 



small and large. 

Gold, bronze and silver. 

Smooth metal, shimmering in white towers. 

Sometimes, blackened and cracked.

May they remain. 

A special part of our future. 

And for all those to come. 

Not resigned to the fading, forgotten past.



PS: In the small BC city where I live, we rarely hear bells of any kind. 😦

But this past week, I did hear some church bells ringing and it was lovely. Maybe a wedding! 🙂

Also sharing with Poets United


“The Bells” © 2008 Geraldine H. Hartman

from the poetry collection: My Poetic Path 

Photo courtesy of: Flickr



Haiku Reflections: Whispers from the Past

bike haiku

Created for the June 30th Woven Dreams prompt: WHISPER


Good Parents: The Unsung, Quiet Heroes

teach your children

When the prompt: Quiet Heroes was suggested over at Woven Dreams:


immediately came to mind for me.

Good parents: who inspire, nurture, support and unconditionally  their children, 24/7.

To me, they are the ultimate (usually unsung) Quiet Heroes.

This song also came to mind:

Teach Your Children (click to enjoy)

by Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Love this classic tune…one that often plays in my mind.

“and feed, them on your dreams…”

If you have a Quiet Hero you’d like to honor, I hope you’ll join us at Woven Dreams this Sunday, the 14th. 

Photo courtesy of Flickr


Attic Tales

attic pic to use

Treasures, memories and secrets.

They all abide here.

Left to languish in a fine mist of dust.

What stories these walls could tell.


Steamer trunk:

Fragile love letters.

Entwined histories, tied in a scarlet ribbon.

Now for someone else to read, to ponder.

The faint, still lingering scent of lavender.

Petals: pressed between pages.


Dolls in their finery.

Dresses, trimmed in satin and lace.

Delicate linens, lovingly embroidered.

Jewelry from star-lit nights.

Faded photos of smiling, hopeful faces.


Dainty, rose-pink teacups.

Tarnished, tiny spoons.

A book of Grandma’s favourite recipes.

Conjuring up her kitchen.

Reading between the lines.


The old attic.

A restful place on hurried days.

Transported from a sunny afternoon.

To another place and time.

Communing with the spirits.

Some, still left behind.


Written for the March 10th Woven Dreams prompt: Attic

Photo courtesy of Flickr