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A Time to Hope and Reflect….


Wishing you and your family a MUCH better year in 2021.

I hope you will stop by my author’s site and Veggies, Yarns & Tails too, for some additional holiday greetings and my current Amazon Kindle promotions.

This has been a good year to catch up on reading, in spite of all the challenges! 😉

Take care, stay safe, be well.

PS: If anyone can enlighten me where to find the option to change the default page text color here at WP now, I would be oh so grateful. Posting here has become one big hassle. 😦

Craving Snow?


yearning haiku

A nice light “dusting” will do .😊

It’s been raining on and off, for days, here on Vancouver Island.

🎄 A White Christmas would be so nice!🎄

This photo and haiku is from years ago, when we lived in Interior BC. 

How has your weather been?

Are you expecting a White Christmas?


Gorgeous Weather and a Haiku

hunch brought to mind

We’ve been having some beautiful warm days, here on Vancouver Island, after a lot of rain.

On days like these, it makes me feel happy just to gaze up at the skies!

This morning, this haiku also came to mind.

I’m facing some time at the dentist this afternoon (minor repairs!) so I need all the cheering up I can find.😏

Hope you are enjoying a great day, wherever you are.

🌾Hugs and Happy Week.🐦


Glorious Gladys!😊

The Star Spangled Banner

This YouTube video of Gladys Knight, singing:

“The Star Spangled Banner”

always moves me to tears (but in a good way).😊

She looks like an angel and sings like one too.

I just wish they would have edited out that player spitting! It definitely didn’t go with this otherwise amazing, breath-taking performance.

❤ Rock on!! Empress of Soul. ❤



Simple Pleasures: Autumn’s Bountiful Harvest

*With autumn just around the corner, thought I’d share this encore post from 2008.*

The simple pleasures like a crisp, fall apple never lose their appeal, do they?

Happy Weekend!

My Poetic Path

One of my favorite simple pleasures of Autumn.

The harvest of tree fruits and root vegetables, now at their flavorful peak. Including of course, crisp and delicious fall apples.

These BC Gala apples are so good to eat fresh or to add to a favorite recipe.

And don’t they make a lovely (albeit photo) still life to behold?

 One of myfavoriteapple recipes from Not Just for Vegetarians is: Curried Apple Soup(click for recipe).

Tangy, satisfying and a great choice for any fall supper.

What is your favorite apple variety/recipe?

Happy Cooking and Happy Autumn! (it’s almost here)

Don’t forget to savor the simple pleasures, every day!   🙂

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Haiku Reflections: Serendipity!

journal and book safe 001

 Find the perfect word.

When it all comes together.


♥ ♥ ♥ 

In spite of some very hot temps. here in BC during July; it’s been for the most part, a very productive four weeks!

It’s magic when that perfect: word, phrase or sentence comes to mind, isn’t it? 🙂

Hope you’ve had a wonderful July too.

♥ ♥ ♥  

“Serendipity means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; a fortunate mistake. Specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it. The word has been voted one of the ten English words hardest to translate in June 2004 by a British translation company.[1] However, due to its sociological use, the word has been exported into many other languages.”

definition courtesy of Wikipedia

 ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Written for the August 4th Woven Dream’s prompt: Serendipity


Scented Recollections


Early summer.

That heady scent.

The lilac trees, bursting with blooms.

I stop on the top step before heading to school.

To breathe in the sight and smell.


Exhibition week.

Walking through the fairgrounds.

Clinging to a large pink bear.

My dad and I stop for candy floss.

Popcorn and corn dogs, permeate the air.


Campfire burning.

We gather ‘round.

Another chorus of the old tunes.

Listening to ghosts stories.

While marshmallows burn on birch twigs.


Christmas at Grandma’s

Relatives from near and far.

Gather at the candlelit, festive table.

Savoring all kinds of tasty treats.

From the kitchen, a waft of apple pie.


Santa Monica beach

The ocean looms larger than expected.

The furious waves.

Wall of water.

Salt, warm sand and French fries.


Last glance in the mirror.

Still avoiding what I know is true, inevitable.

The eyes tell all and mirror the soul.

I touch pulse points with Obsession.

And think about, my current one.


Saying farewell but not goodbye.

Arranging the yellow roses I knew you’d love.

Feeling your hands guiding mine.

Sadness mingles with memories of happier times.

I breathe in the scent.

I remember yours.


Walking through the fresh snow.

Pine trees and crisp clean air.

Serene, breath-taking beauty.

A stop on the Riverdale Bridge.

Yukon dreams, on my mind.


Scented recollections.

Bringing back a time, a place, a moment.

Often more poignantly than words or photos.

Gathered through the years.

Recorded for all time.


Written for the June 23rd Woven Dreams prompt: Perfume