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Gorgeous Weather and a Haiku

hunch brought to mind

We’ve been having some beautiful warm days, here on Vancouver Island, after a lot of rain.

On days like these, it makes me feel happy just to gaze up at the skies!

This morning, this haiku also came to mind.

I’m facing some time at the dentist this afternoon (minor repairs!) so I need all the cheering up I can find.😏

Hope you are enjoying a great day, wherever you are.

🌾Hugs and Happy Week.🐦


Skywatch Friday: Riders in the Sky


I took this photo from our back porch a couple of weeks ago, at sunset.

Looks like there’s someone riding across the sky! 😉

Also sharing with Skywatch Friday.

Wishing You a LUCKY Friday the 13th and have a Great Weekend! 🙂