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Movie Review: “Hitch” at His Finest! :-)

Tcm Greatest Classic Films Hitchcock Thr

I’ve always been a fan of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies. 🙂

I recently purchased this Hitchcock DVD collection from TCM and it is soooo good!

I ♥ three of these movies, 🙂 the fourth one, not so much. 😦

My mini reviews of each of the movies in this set:

Suspicion: This is the one that was “not so much”.

I’m not a Cary Grant fan, the only movie I’ve ever seen that I DID like him in was: Notorious. Other than that, he always seems to be just a “pretty boy” walking through movies, with not much depth or emotion. I know a lot of people enjoy his work but I’m not one of them. And as usual, his performance in Suspicion fell short of the mark IMO.


Strangers on a Train: Just wonderful! Farley Granger and Robert Walker, just shine in this tale of two men who meet on a train and from there, their personal lives are both nothing short of a “train wreck”. Robert Walker is one crazy guy in this movie, suggesting to Farley that they swap murders. A stellar supporting cast too, including Hitchcock’s daughter Patricia, who is just riveting in her role and the lovely Ruth Roman as Farley Granger’s love interest. 

Sadly, I read that Robert Walker actually died before this film was completed, due to complications from a drug he was given. He was only in his early 30s at the time. But what a final performance he gave. Haunting and memorable.


The Wrong Man: This movie is actually based on a true story, one of the few (or perhaps only) times that Hitchcock made a movie about an actual true person/event. Hitchcock even skipped his usual cameo appearance in this movie, due to it’s factual and tragic content.

Henry Fonda and Vera Miles star in this film and both give good performances. Henry Fonda plays the part of real-life: Manny Balestrero  a musician who worked as a bass player at the famous Stork Club in NYC. The film is set in the 1950s.

Manny (Henry Fonda) is wrongly identified and accused of a series of hold-ups, around New York city and the story unfolds how this case of mistaken identity not only goes on to impact his own life significantly, but also contributes to his wife ending up in an institution, with serious mental problems. 

A sad story but riveting and thought-provoking too. How something like this can happen to an innocent person is hard to imagine but I’m guessing, it’s more common (at least in that era) than one might think.


I Confess: This is my favorite in this collection. Again (and a bit ironically) another case of mistaken identity, when Montgomery Clift, playing a young priest, is accused of murder. Clift’s performance in this film is just riveting. I really can’t imagine anyone who could have played the part better.

Filmed in and around beautiful, Quebec City, this is a memorable and at times, rather dreamlike film. In addition to the investigation of the murder there is a bittersweet love story interwoven in the plot.

The musical score is perfection too and I think the right music is such a big part of setting the tone in any film. Sadly, the music is often NOT in keeping with the theme of too many older movies I’ve watched. It was definitely well done here.

I had not seen many movies with Montgomery Clift before this and never realized before just how good an actor that he was. Apparently, he showed up at a film festival in NY, where this film was being shown a couple of years before his death. When director: Peter Bogdanovich asked Montgomery what it was like to be watching himself in the theatre that day, his reply was: “It’s hard. It’s very hard.” Tragically, Clift died shortly after that of a heart-attack, at the young age of 45 .


This is a must-have movie collection for any Hitchcock fans.

And right now, it’s less than $10 at

A real bargain for this classic collection from the Master of Suspense.

 I know I’ll be enjoying these movies, again and again. 🙂


Want to Know How to Add a Print Option to Your Posts?


I thought it would be nice to be able to add a print option for some of my blog posts, particularly when I post a recipe over at: Veggies, Yarns & Tails.

I was thinking it would be a bit techie-intensive to do this, but then I started looking around the Web and found: (click to visit their site)

Not only can you add a print option to a particular post, you can also use their (FREE) service with a variety of blogging platforms: Blogger,,…that was an added bonus.

I know from past experience that some add-ons are workable with a lot of the platforms, but not the free version of WordPress (.com) but this one is! 😉 Looks like it’s fairly easy to use too. 

It’s also mentioned at the site, so I’m guessing it’s going to work just fine. I plan to give it a try, very soon, when I post my next Veggies…recipe.

Hope you found this helpful and if you HAVE already tried, do let me know how it worked for you. 

Happy Week to All, G 🙂


Book Review: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

The Best $1 You Will Ever Spend! 😉

subconscious mind book

After reading about Cynthia Stafford’s amazing lottery win ($112 MILLION) and how she credited much of her success to Joseph Murphy’s work, I decided to give this kindle book a try.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind,

exceeded my expectations, and in many ways.

I’ve read a lot of LOA books, especially in the past couple of years…some good, some so-so, some just “get rich quick” schemes for the authors, or so it often seems. And when it comes to the older books on this topic, they often seem dated and not relevant for people living in today’s world.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind is a winner, in all respects.

It IS extremely relevant, for anyone who is looking to add more abundance and success to their life.

It is NOT preachy, although it’s obvious that the author did have strong religious beliefs, he doesn’t “preach” or push a particular creed or religion at any time in this book.

His message is a universal one, for everyone seeking a happier, healthier and more prosperous life. And who isn’t?? 😉

The practical advice in this book is easy to follow and powerful. Enjoyable and not a chore to follow through with and continue to do so!! A nice change from some other books on the topic I’ve read and gave up on.

I make it a point to re-read a couple of chapters, a few of times during the week, as a good reminder and pick me up. I’ve had some excellent results already, following many of the suggestions in this book.

No, I haven’t won 112 MILLION as Cynthia Stafford did, but I’ve had a lot of smaller wins so far, and not just when it comes to financial gains.

And as Murphy so wisely states in this book, money and prosperity ARE very important, but they are not the whole story when it comes to living a successful and happy life.

If you are debating about what Law of Attraction book to buy, you won’t be sorry if you choose this one!


Publishing a Kindle Book with Photos?

I like to add photos to some the Kindle books I publish. I think it adds a lot to the overall enjoyment of most Kindle books, particularly cookbooks and some types of reference books. 

But it’s not always easy to find the answers as to what size and resolution those photos should be. 

In my eBook:


Laughing AT the Grim Reaper! Gems of Wisdom for Aging Well

 I didn’t really take note of the resolution of any of the photos in this book, I just inserted them. They all came out great. Nice and clear, even when zoomed. 🙂

But when I published my two Groovy Green Kitchen eBooks, I had problems when the photos were zoomed. They were no longer clear. I went back and tried to adjust them to rectify the problem but still not good. 😦 The small version of the photos were OK, but not the zoomed images.

I also wondered how some people are able to publish eBooks with full screen size photos that don’t require being zoomed to see full size. 

I decided to contact KDP to get the scoop and here’s their helpful and detailed reply:

“The suggest resolution and the DPI for the images within the content file is 600*800 with 300 DPI. I checked and see that the image that you have inserted within the content file are of 302*26 dimension with 96 DPI. This is the reason for the formatting issue.

For your reference, here’s some general guidelines to follow when creating image books in Word:

– Format images in a 600 x 800 pixels and 300 dpi resolution
– Insert images, don’t copy and paste
– Align images to the center of the document
– Remove all empty line/page breaks between each image
– If images are schemas, charts, tables, maps, or any format that includes text, save the image in GIF format to ensure the text is legible after conversion

You may also scan and insert images into your DOC file to create your image book, as long as the guidelines above are adhered to.

To learn more on formatting your Kindle content, visit our Kindle Publishing Guidelines here:

Regarding the full screen images:

The images would best fit to the any screen automatically, if you can change the source code of your HTML file.

Please follow the instructions for getting full image size on Kindle.

1. Open the parent HTML in Notepad.

2. You will be able to see the HTML code. Look out for the codes related to the images which look like the following
For Example,
Edit the code like the following
Effectively, the text “width=366 height=248” should be changed to “height=100% width=100%”.

3. Save the file.

4. Right-click a blank area on the desktop or in an open folder, point to New, and then click Compressed (zipped) Folder.

5. Type a name for the new compressed folder, and then press ENTER. Your new compressed folder is displayed as a folder icon with a zipper.

Now, move the image folder and the HTML file into the zipped folder. This zipped folder is what you will have to upload on the KDP website. You may try uploading the zipped folder on to the KDP website and check if the images appear correctly. Once uploaded, you can use the “Preview Book” button to view your uploaded content via the KDP Previewer. Here, you can view if the images appear correctly.”


Hope you also find this information helpful.

Now, it’s back to the GGK I and II to see about improving those zoomed images

Happy Reading and Publishing. 

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Book Review: Never Too Late to Go Vegan

A very interesting and informative vegan guide! 🙂



Never Too Late to Go Vegan by Carol J. Adams, Patti Breitman and Virginia Messina

My review from

I have been a vegetarian, avid vegetarian cook and cookbook author for over 20 years. But to date, I have not taken “the plunge” to become a total vegan, YET! But it IS a topic of interest to me, and often on my mind.

Vegans come in all shapes, sizes and age groups, but it’s still often thought of as something only the “under 30” crowd would embrace willingly and gain from.

In: Never Too Late to Go Vegan, authors Adams, Breitman and Messina prove without a doubt that this definitely is not just a good choice, only for the younger crowd.

This truly is (as the cover states) “the over 50 guide to adopting and thriving on a plant-based diet”.

And how I loved to see the word…

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My Poetic Path: Free Kindle Promo This Weekend! :-)

My Poetic Path NEW cover (front)

My poetry book:

My Poetic Path, Selected Poems 2000-2010

Will be available FREE all this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as a Kindle book, at, .ca., UK, IT….

If you don’t have a copy already, this is a good time to get one! 😉

Happy Reading and Weekend! G

PS: I finished the print version of my new cookbook yesterday, yippeee…now working on the formatting for the Kindle version. 🙂

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I ♥ My Veggie….Followers! :-)

I’m oh, so grateful for my blog followers at ALL my blogs! 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend and happy reading.



Woohooo…my 500th follower signed up at Veggies…this past week. 🙂

I am so grateful to everyone who follows Veggies, Yarns & Tails and at my other two blogs:

My Poetic Path


My Real Life Reviews.

And also, to be able to enjoy hundreds of my fav WP blogs each week. What fun it’s been to get to know so many of you via WordPress. Isn’t the Internet grand???

I’ve been blogging (on and off) for a lot of years. I’ve had one blog, I’ve had 4 at times, now I have 3.

There were times when I was very busy offline and I actually stopped blogging entirely, for months at a time. But I always missed it and I always came back. Can you relate? 😉

 I’ll be back early next week with a post about why I  my slow cooker, sooooo….much. 😉 With some recipe too…

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HP Printer Conundrum!!! :-(


For the most part, I’ve been happy with my HP Deskjet 3052A printer, which I reviewed here (click to read detailed review). 

But recently, it’s been “acting up” in a very strange way.

To explain: I changed both of the ink cartridges recently and that’s when the problem started.

When I print out the test page for aligning the printer, after putting in the new cartridges, it comes out fine, the text etc, is nice and clear. Also, when I clean the print heads and print out a test page, fine too. BUT when I print anything from a page on my computer, it’s all blurry.

I went to the HP site and tried out all the troubleshooting steps I could find, including removing and adding the printer back again, nada…nothing worked, it’s still doing the same thing.

If it was just dust on the cartridges or faulty cartridges, would ALL the printing not be blurry, not just things that are printed from my PC?

If you have ever had this problem or have any suggestions, I’d be oh so grateful to hear them. 🙂

I like HP printers the best overall, but this conundrum has me stumped. 😦