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The Autumn Leaves (haiku, movie and song) :-)

This is a reblog of an autumn post (from 2015) that I hope you enjoy.

A song and a movie that still comes to mind, this time of year. So haunting and beautiful.

I hope you enjoy my haiku and photo too.😊

The unpacking continues here. We have now given away over 120 boxes of clothing, household items,books… to charity, so slowly but surely, making progress.

And today, we are setting up my office complete with new laptop and printer, yipee!

🍁🌾 Happy Week and Happy Autumn!🍂🍁

My Poetic Path

I ♥ movies from the 40s and 50s!

We were watching a Joan Crawford movie last night: Humoresque (so sad but wonderful) and this haiku and archive post came to mind. 

The Autumn Leaves is a song that I often have running through my mind, especially this time of year. As I mention in this post, it was also a Nat King Cole tune, that my beloved Grandma cherished.

And the movie of the same name is also one that I have never forgotten.Quite a “racy” film for its time (1956) and definitely with some disturbing content.

But, if you are a fan of Joan Crawford and/or movies from the 40s/50s like I am, do check this one out.

It also features a young and oh, so handsome Cliff Robertson.  Also starring, Lorne Greene in a role that is far removed from his later, fatherly…

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A Trio for Autumn, from Haiku Reflections


Gold. Orange. Green. Brown. Red.

Maple leaves in every shade.

Season of splendour. 


Light through the trees.

Scent of wood fires burning.

Time to close my book.


Heading back to school.

Kids laughing! Such carefree days.

Autumn ritual.


PS: One of the MANY things I love about eBooks is being able to add some color and photos, without the added cost as in print books. I think it adds to the presentation and enjoyment of any book.

When I recently created a Kindle version of my haiku book: Haiku Reflections, I added seasonal photos for each section. The Autumn one is featured above. The three poems are also from Haiku Reflections. 


Wishing you a wonderful weekend. I hope you have some amazing colors to enjoy already, wherever you are! 🙂

Nothing much for colored foliage here in BC yet. 😦 Hopefully soon.


Haiku Reflections: The Brilliant Reds of Autumn

autumn leaves haiku

One of my favorite “leaf photos” from the archives.

I think this is sumac. Anyone???

Hope you enjoy it too! 🙂

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Haiku Reflections: Breathing Free

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons.

Not only do I love all the colors, the cooler days…but I also feel my best, physically.

Is there anything more beautiful or energizing as walking through a forest or path surrounded by maple leaves on a crisp Autumn morning ?  Not that I can think of. 😉

Also submitted for the One Single Impression prompt: Free.


Welcome September!


Every year I create a new wall calendar for gifts (and one copy to keep) and this is the photo I have for September 2011.

I never tire of vividly colored leaves combined with the soft sheen of raindrops.

Hope you enjoy the view too.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, filled with beauty! G 🙂


Haiku Reflections: Autumn In the Air


Although most plants and leaves are beginning to show some signs of Autumn on the way; this undergrowth under a group of trees at the park was still a very bright green, about a week ago. A very pretty scene (and I do ♥ green) but soon to make way for the brilliant yellows, reds, orange, rust of ….

Mother Nature’s  palette for Autumn! 🙂