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The White Rain

It’s been another dry summer, here in BC. Hopefully some rain on the way this week.

The threat of forest fires still looms, as we reach the middle of August.

Hope you enjoy this “rainy” poem from the archives. And hope your weather has been good, wherever you are.

Wishing You a Happy Week!

My Poetic Path

Enveloping, encompassing….

it begins.

Touching more than skin and sight.

Seeping into the mind and soul.

The white rain.


More than reality, dreams,

or mere thoughts.

Beyond reason.

It takes over the moment.

Changes and shifts, the perception of the day.

Five senses,

now fully engaged.


Warm spring shower.

Icy needles of sleet, mixed with snow.


Gentle or forbidding.

The power to destruct.

More often to sustain.


The white rain.

It is, a state of mind.

Or lull in the storm.


a subtle part of nature’s fantasy.


“The White Rain” © Geraldine H. Hartman 2001/revised 2008

Photo courtesy of: Flickr

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Three Haiku Poems on the Cusp of Summer


bike haiku

shell photo sandy carlson

Summer has certainly been “in the air” here in BC, in the past couple of weeks.

We reached 34C, one day last week and more warm weather is apparently on the way, very soon.

Right now we are having a bit of a cool spell, with rain and that’s welcome too. 🙂 Takes care of all the dust!

Hope you enjoy these three summer haiku/haiga from the archives, celebrating all things to come. It’s going to be a good summer, I just know it! 😉

Have a Wonderful Week! 


Changes, A Trip and Happy Thanksgiving!


I read a quote similar to the one above at a WP blog, a couple of weeks ago.

It really made me stop and think about this simple but rather profound statement.

So many of us fear changes in life.

But without making changes when necessary, everything stays as it is or changes in ways beyond our control.

Change CAN be scary. 😦

But it can also provide a beginning and a new, exciting direction down the path of life. 🙂

Are you afraid of big changes in life or do you embrace them? 


I’m heading to the beautiful Okanagan area of BC at the end of this week, you can read more about that here.

In the meantime, have a wonderful Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers and a beautiful week to all. 🙂


Skywatch Friday: Riders in the Sky


I took this photo from our back porch a couple of weeks ago, at sunset.

Looks like there’s someone riding across the sky! 😉

Also sharing with Skywatch Friday.

Wishing You a LUCKY Friday the 13th and have a Great Weekend! 🙂