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Scenes of Early Autumn

What a lovely time of year this is. Not quite autumn but still, there is a change in the air.

I happened to find this post today from 2010 with some of my fav early autumn pics that I took that year.

I hope you enjoy this encore post or for the first time perhaps?

Have a wonderful weekend. It’s going to be a hot one, here in BC. 😉

My Poetic Path

I took these photos early this week.

Stroll/scroll along…..hope you enjoy the views as much as I did!


Mountain Ash at it’s peak.


The holly was just starting to turn.


 Berries everywhere and in so many colors.


 Breathtaking pinks and soft green.


Brown-eyed Susan was still looking fine! 😉


Someone’s lucky: a  glorious front yard tree.


Regal purple. A beautiful sight to behold.

Happy Autumn! Isn’t it grand? 🙂


PS: On a completely different topic; Mr. Cheddar has a new workout regime.

Stop by Veggies…if you need a chuckle or diet inspiration.

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Autumn’s Magic: A Tau-Ku Poem

autumn magic tau ku

Hope you have a wonderful week. 

Enjoy all the magic and colors of autumn! 🙂

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Stark Winter Beauty



Yipee….it finally snowed (with a vengeance I might add) over the weekend.

It was so windy, wild and cold yesterday that I couldn’t take many photos, the camera was just too jiggly to take shots. I did capture this tree devoid of all but it’s dark branches and scattered berries. I think it’s kind of pretty, just as it is. Stark beauty.

I’ll be back with a whole pile of snow, real soon! 😉 

 Yippee again, I’m still a “snow-loving kid” at ♥.

PS: Another great thing about winter, being able to knit up and wear some warm, wonderful woollies! Stop by Veggies for a look at my latest finished knit project (a wool knit vest)  and the link to an oh-so easy pattern you might want to try.