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Autumn’s Magic: A Tau-Ku Poem

autumn magic tau ku

Hope you have a wonderful week. 

Enjoy all the magic and colors of autumn! 🙂

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Words of Wisdom: A “Birdie” Proverb :<)

bird pic for proverb

This is from my photo archives; it was from a post at one of my previous blogs.

Another one that I found while “tidying up” my photo files a few days ago. 😉

Rather a fun photo and still good advice, don’t you agree?

Happy Week! 🙂


Wisdom from the Birds

” You cannot stop the birds of sadness from flying over your head, but you can stop them from nesting in your hair.”

A Chinese proverb that I really like. As always, birds can teach us so much, even indirectly.

This is an archive post from my Happy Break blog.

I thought it was a perfect fit for Sunday’s upcoming prompt at OSI: Nest

Sometimes it’s nice to re-visit a favorite post, isn’t it? 😉


PS: Thanks again to Sandy Lawrence  for the perfect nest photo!


In the Forest of My Dreams

In the forest of my dreams.
The mighty pines are ever green.
Dappled shadows dance and twirl.
While sunshine warms the waiting boughs.
A bird sings sweetly in every tree.
Rainbow feathers to dazzle and delight.
Their background music,
the soothing rush of pristine streams.
Creatures of the forest, large and small.
Commune and cavort in harmony.
Danger not lurking in the shadows.
No hunger to appease.
No pain to avow.
Man’s presence:
 No longer a hindrance to this perfect sight.
Only there to stop, stare and wonder.
A time for reverence and restraint.
Lost for the moment, in silent prayer.
Rainy days bring a whole new view.
Clouds crown each leafy head.
Waiting for their share of nature’s crystal jewels.
While gazing through the forest green glass,
softens each perfect line.
Droplets falling…
But gently, so gently.
While in the distance, the thunder recedes.
The forest of my dreams.
Lives on forever.
A gift we give ourselves.
And saved for those to come.
Not the remains of passing reveries.
Finally allowed to rest and to renew.
“In The Forest of My Dreams”  © 2008 Geraldine H. Hartman
Photo courtesy of:  Flickr
Written for the Search Engine Stories prompt: forest green glass.
Also submitted to OSI for the October 26th prompt: gift