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Happy New Year from Me and Mr. Cheddar! ;-)

All the best in 2015 to my readers at My Poetic Path too! 🙂


ched and i for new year

Ched and I will be raising a glass of bubbly to ring in the New Year.😉

Wishing you all the good things in the months ahead; I think 2015 is going to be a great year!

And have a wonderful New Year’s Eve too. 🙂

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Ms.Mitzi’s Q’s and A’s


Greetings and glad tidings, oh esteemed bloggers. Ms. Mitzi here.

Meowmie has a busy day ahead so she asked me to post this in the meantime. I guess she read a post recently, over at: The Clarity of Night that was along the same (fe)lines and presto, decided to do the same thing over here.

I call it lazy. Meowmie calls it a good idea and the highest form of flattery. Are you reading this Jason? And in the Evan’s household the new arrival Meow, Meow. How’s it going kid? My tried and true advice: Get the humans trained the right way, the first time or you’ll have nothing but grief.

But I digress…. here’s the plan. I will start the yarn ball rolling so to speak/meow.  

I will ask the first question. The first blogger who comments will answer my question and then post their own question as well. Get it? Easy as catching kibble from the bag.

So without further adieuuuuu…my burning question of the day to get things rolling:

Do you have a pet and if you do, is it a cat (preferred), dog (don’t get me started) or other species? Include pet’s name and other details, as much as you like.

Remember, answer the question left by the last blogger who comments. Then add your own question.

And ya’ll come back now, ya here!!!! Meowmie loves you guys, you should realise that by now.

Yeeeehhhhaaw, Mr. Cheddar (aka the Big Orange Guy) has just informed me that (sometimes oh so forgetful but we still love her)Meowmie has left the building (that’s Elvis-speak)  😉 AND the cat food cupboard open. I’m outta here, snort!