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Gorgeous Weather and a Haiku

hunch brought to mind

We’ve been having some beautiful warm days, here on Vancouver Island, after a lot of rain.

On days like these, it makes me feel happy just to gaze up at the skies!

This morning, this haiku also came to mind.

I’m facing some time at the dentist this afternoon (minor repairs!) so I need all the cheering up I can find.😏

Hope you are enjoying a great day, wherever you are.

🌾Hugs and Happy Week.🐦


Haiku Reflections: Thoughts on a Windy Day

hunch brought to mind

We get very little wind, here in Interior BC. This past Monday around noon was an exception.

I stepped out on our back porch to take a photo of these amazing clouds.

The wind was strong and fresh. It felt so freeing that it made me smile. 🙂 

It also brought some good thoughts to mind, including a hunch I had been pondering.

A moment in time I’ll enjoy bringing to mind again!


Created for the August 11th Woven Dreams prompt: HUNCH

Also submitted for the WP Weekly Photo Challenge: CAREFREE

Hunch: “an intuitive reckoning”

One of many definitions of this word from Wikipedia