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An Amazon Screenshot that Made Me :-) and Free Promo!


Amazon ca print screen feb 21 15

This was the screenshot over at today, when I did a keyword search for “haiku” in the Kindle store!

Wowsa, I wasn’t expecting to have one of my haiku books: (Haiku Reflections I) in the top spot; what a nice surprise. 🙂

And there are 100 pages of books, for the keyword: haiku. 

I LOVE writing and reading haiku sooooo much. It’s such an honor to have people reading my work and buying my books/eBooks too.

I also have 2 free Kindle promos on this weekend, one for my midlife romance novel:

Third Chapter, Second Chance.

The other promo is for my cookbook:

The Groovy Green Kitchen I: Weeknight Veggie Slow Cooker.

Both are available all weekend for free, as Kindle downloads at:, .ca, UK,….etc.

See the links on the sidebar here or visit your own Amazon site to download copies.

It’s back to typing for me here! 

Have a great weekend. Happy Reading and Cooking too! 🙂


Another Free Kindle Book Promo!

Coming up this Sunday, October 27th, two of my ebooks will be available for free download, at Amazon.

haiku cover from vespers blog

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Do spread the word if you can via your own blogs, Facebook etc. 😉

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Happy Reading, Cooking and Weekend too!


Free Kindle Book Promo this Weekend!

I’m having a free Kindle book promo this weekend, for all of my eBooks!

On Saturday the 21st:

Third Chapter, Second Chance (click for link to Amazon)


The Groovy Green Kitchen: Weeknight Veggie Slow Cooker (click)

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Happy Reading and Cooking!



Word of the Week: Creativity










A person’s creativity can take many forms

I come from a family home where making things was a big part of every day. Thread, yarn, fabric, paper, beads,paints, wood cuts etc, etc….were always scattered throughout the house. Works in progress and such wonderful memories now to revisit.

Whatever your creative passion(s) are, celebrate them every day. Creative people make this world a better, brighter place. We all have talents to enjoy and share.

Here’s to creativity! 🙂


In My Kitchen

In my kitchen, I create.
Breads to rise and cakes to bake.
Here, I stir…..
Knead and saute.
Spoons and knives, in happy disarray.
In my kitchen, I am Queen!
Baking cobblers, date bars and other sweet dreams.
Soups and salads, lovingly prepared.
With a smidge of spice and a dash of flair.
Blissfully, I’m lost….
In heady aromas and tastes.
A world of flavors and delights to partake.
I am home.
Oh so free.
This truly is, where I am ME!
The stress of the day is left behind.
It’s time to create, all problems resigned.
Pity those who can’t boil an egg.
Seeking culinary skills, they will often beg.
The chemistry of cooking, a wonder to share.
It’s almost like love, but with calories…
Oh dear!
In my kitchen, safe and warm.
A haven…
….’flour heaven’ ?
So glad to be home.
“In My Kitchen” -poem: G.H. Hartman © 2008
“Potato Raisin Scones” -photo: G. H. Hartman © 2006
PS: In case you are craving a fresh baked treat, right about now, here’s the link to the recipe for these delicious scones.