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Can anyone help with some simple HTML code?

If you know how to write SIMPLE HTML code, please read this!

I’d be oh, so grateful for your help. 🙂


I am just finishing up my newest book for CreateSpace and Kindle and THIS time, I am trying to “ace” how to add some simple HTML code to my book description. I have tried over and over today to make it work, without success. 😦

If anyone can help with this, I’d be oh, so grateful!

It’s only a few paragraphs of text to do and if you are familiar with using HTML, I’m probably missing something soooo simple but I just can’t find what it is.

CreateSpace keeps prompting me to “close the b. (as in bold tag) but I’ve gone over the text several times, checked there was no spaces to remove, but it still doesn’t work.

If anyone can help, I’ll be sure to send you a free copy (print or ebook) of the book when it’s completed. I’m not going to mention the title right now…

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Haiku Reflections: Black and White and Color too!

Haiku Reflections with full color pages

Haiku Reflections with black and white pages

I’ve had a several readers and friends mention recently how beautiful my new poetry book: Haiku Reflections is (visually, not just the poems) . 😉

Then I noted over at Amazon, that the “click inside the book” feature was actually showing the interior pages in color, not black and white as they are (for the red cover edition).

Soooo….I decided to add another edition and this one IS in full-color throughout, with the  Gold cover ! 🙂


Also, for any of you waiting for book orders from me or review copies, there’s been some production “glitches” with CreateSpace for the past few weeks, that are still being worked out.

My apologies for the delay in getting these books sent out but at this point, beyond my control. Hopefully, this will all be rectified shortly.

I‘ve also contacted “upper management” over at CreateSpace and that seems to be helping. 😉

Have a Wonderful and Creative Week!

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Working On My Haiku Book and Another ???

I’m waiting for the copies of my poetry book to arrive, can’t wait!

It was such a good experience, putting this collection together over at CreateSpace that it has spurred me on to finally get my haiku book together too!

I thought of an idea for using in this book and here’s where my question comes in.

I’d like to use special character symbols on the pages of the book; in keeping with each of the seasons.

I’ve been trying to find symbols similar to this: ♥  but I need:

a snowflake, a flower/daisy shape, the sun and a leaf.

And symbols that can be copy/pasted into a text document.

I’ve been looking around online but can’t find anything like this.

If you can help, thanks a bunch!

Happy Weekend, G 🙂


My Poetic Path at Amazon!



Wow, that was fast!

I finished my poetry book (early, early morning….couldn’t sleep, on May 9th) over at CreateSpace.

Today it’s already available for sale over at Amazon:

My Poetic Path.

I am really pleased with how the book turned out.

I have copies on order right now so if anyone would like a signed copy from me, instead of ordering one elsewhere, send me an email at: mypoeticpath  at (subject line: book order) and I’ll send you a paypal request for payment. I will also be charging the regular retail price $10 (includes postage) for signed copies I send out personally.

My experience using CreateSpace was wonderful! I’ll be writing a review of their book publishing services in the near future.


I needed some cheering up today. It was a stressful day here yesterday. This helped!

Now, on to my haiku collection and novel!  😉

PS: Is anyone else having a problem with WordPress signing you up automatically for email comment updates? I’m getting TONS of emails for blogs I visited and commented/liked a post at but did not subscribe to. I have all my subscriptions in one place: Google Reader and also use my sidebars for blog visiting. I’ve written to WP about this. Hopefully this glitch ends soon.