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Sunshine, Daisies and Smiles! :-)

happy sunny weekend

Daisies always make me smile. 🙂 How about you?

They seem like such happy flowers, with their bright, yellow “faces”! 😉

I hope this photo brings a smile to your day/weekend. 

And I hope the sun is shining bright where you are too. Looks like a nice weekend coming up, here in BC.

Have a Safe and Happy weekend!  


A Tanka Moment: Happiness Daisies


This one is for you Teri.

Thanks for all the beautiful daisies that you share.

I’m still working on  and reading about Tanka poetry. It can be deceptively simple.

Unlike a haiku, tanka poems should actually be one continuous thought, written in 5 lines. Syllables of: 5, 7,5,7,7.

If you’ve never tried writing a tanka poem, you might enjoy it. It’s can be challenging.

And a lot of fun too, with the right subject to start with! 😉