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Blogging Update 2020 :-)


I hope your New Year is off to a great start!

I’ve decided to take a hiatus from all blogging, for the foreseeable future.

May be back, may not. I’ve learned from past experience, never say never, especially when it comes to blogging.

Just too much to do and every day seems to go faster than the one before it. Trips to plan, including another big move, still working on unpacking and sorting here, numerous projects, writing, crafting….the list goes on and on.

My contact information at all my blogs, will remain active, including at My Real Life Reviews, re: review requests.

I wish all of my blog friends, past and present, the best year ever! 


So long for now and….

Hugs and Best Wishes!!!


have a beautiful summer

I’ve got some wonderful online and offline projects on the go that are keeping me very busy these days.

So, I’ve decided to take a blog break for the next few weeks.

We are also in the process of getting ready to move by late fall, so that’s going to take up time too. 

Seems that a lot of other bloggers are quiet right now, judging by the decrease in posts I’m seeing in my WP Reader. 

I hope that you all have an amazing and memorable summer, in every way. 🙂

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A Wonderful Blog Friend Has Said Goodbye…


I happened to click through to my friend Sue Turner’s blog today and was so shocked to read that she passed on this summer. I knew she was struggling with some issues but never realized it was so serious. Sue was not one to complain or dwell on her own problems.

Sue’s blog Tumblewords was a popular place with many bloggers. She shared her wonderful artwork and poetry there and touched the hearts of so many of us, through the years.  

I considered Sue to be a friend, beyond just stopping by at each other’s blogs to comment. We often emailed back and forth and I got to know her as a gentle, talented and thoughtful person.

I am just stunned by the shock of this and so sad writing this. 

Sue’s granddaughter has posted a final post for Sue over at Tumblewords. If you knew Sue too, do stop by.

Farewell dear Sue, love you…you will not be forgotten.