My Poetic Path

My journey…shared in poems, prose and photos.


🐱Happy October!🐱

mr cheddar orange and teapot

I don’t know where the time went, in September, the month just flew by.

The weather here on Vancouver Island is still warm and pleasant, most days.🌻

The unpacking continues….we are making headway but still so much to do.

I hope you enjoy this Mr. Cheddar photo from the archives. One of my all time favorites.

It was inspired by the lyrics of a song, sung so beautifully by Judy Collins:

Chelsea Morning

But no sun today, the fabulous Mr. Cheddar is actually enjoying a nap right now. 


(Almost)Wordless Wednesday

Our dear Ms. Mitz has not been feeling well for the past few days (tummy troubles) but appears to be on the upswing as of this morning. What a relief!

And what a little trouper our 20 year + “feline of wonder” is.

Mr. Cheddar has been such a gentleman through this ordeal. Washing Mitzi (gently) and not being nearly as boisterous and “wild and crazy” as he usually is. No tackling the dear Mitz either!  

We can learn a lot from animals and in particular our pets, can’t we?