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Waiting for the First Snow: A Tau-Ku Poem

Waiting for the first snow.

White skies.

A longing: returning each Fall.


I snow. Especially the first snowfall of the year.

So fresh, clean and white. So many good memories brought to mind too.

We had so much snow on the Canadian Prairies when I was growing up.

Here in BC, not nearly as much now but still lovely to see, to walk in, to breathe the clean air.

Are you waiting for snow too?

Happy Week! 🙂


Stark Winter Beauty



Yipee….it finally snowed (with a vengeance I might add) over the weekend.

It was so windy, wild and cold yesterday that I couldn’t take many photos, the camera was just too jiggly to take shots. I did capture this tree devoid of all but it’s dark branches and scattered berries. I think it’s kind of pretty, just as it is. Stark beauty.

I’ll be back with a whole pile of snow, real soon! 😉 

 Yippee again, I’m still a “snow-loving kid” at ♥.

PS: Another great thing about winter, being able to knit up and wear some warm, wonderful woollies! Stop by Veggies for a look at my latest finished knit project (a wool knit vest)  and the link to an oh-so easy pattern you might want to try.