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My Late Summer Book Launch!

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I’m so happy to finally have these projects completed. 🙂

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Happy Reading. 🙂


Haiku Reflections: Glossy Green Heads

Talk about strange thought/word  associations. 🙂

I was eating my granola this morning and happened to note a young guy standing out in front of our apartment with vibrant red hair. Not carrot red hair, this was crimson!

It made me think of this haiku and photo I posted here a couple of years ago  and the beautiful glossy green heads of male mallard ducks.

Maybe that young man had the same idea in mind, dyeing his hair that vivid color.

I wonder if it is attracting the ladies.? 😉 



And so it begins.

The fragile cycle of life.



Glimpsed for one brief measure.

Our history and time.

The transformations that will….

mark our place.

Name, our space.

Let it count.

Let us count.

To leave something better.

Substance, character, memories…

that remain unchanged.

Onward we venture.



To complete our rise to glory.

On silken wings.          


Also posted for the Woven Dreams prompt: Transformation

From the poetry collection: My Poetic Path

Photo courtesy of Flickr


PS: For some reason WordPress is not allowing me to keep the spaces for each stanza as this poem was originally written. After three attempts to remove and then re-do the formatting, I gave up. I think it reads quite well without the spaces too.

Hope you enjoy this work. 🙂


Haiku Reflections: February Dreams

Feb dreams haiku

Submitted for the (first! ) 🙂Woven Dreams prompt: BLUE

My new prompt blog: Woven Dreams: A Creative Prompt Blog  is a go as of this Sunday!

Hope you’ll stop by soon and participate often.

Wishing You a Happy Week! 🙂


The Beckoning Spring

the beckoning spring

The solitude and stillness, at once comforting and disconcerting.
Hints of a breeze.
Thoughts engaging, surfacing memories.
The past: plainly in view and on display.

The chill to the bark and bone.
Reality, brought back.
To the forefront.
Branches of the mind.

Whispering winds.
Harbingers of haunted dreams.
Times, places, faces.
Best forgotten, never quite complete.
Or discarded.

To be alone in this moment.
To seal it,
wrap it carefully
In a delicate leaf of black lace.

A tear runs down a waiting cheek.
Slips silently to the earth.
Returning to the bark and the branches.
The leaves, still to appear.

Yesterday becomes today.
Promises of tomorrow, perhaps.
Renewed hope and letting go.
Life’s lessons, from the trees.


A poem I wrote a few years ago that was prompted by this intriguing photo taken by Jason Evans.

It’s sunny here today, woohoo..hope you have sunshine too, wherever you are! 🙂

“The Beckoning Spring” © Geraldine Hartman 2008

From the poetry collection: My Poetic Path


In Praise of Getting Older

We all gripe about getting older, at least some of the time.

But what about all the good things that come along with aging?

Letting go of the trivial things and people in life.

Forgiving our “mistakes”  and wrong turns along the way.

Standing up for our beliefs and convictions.

Being unafraid to stand alone, if need be.

Giving insecurity the shove that it deserves. Right off the radar. 😉

Finding out the difference between mere intelligence and wisdom.

Seizing each and every day!

Accepting ourselves, warts and all.

Accepting what we can change and what we can’t.


It’s my list and I’ll take it! 🙂

Please DO add your own praise for getting older in a comment!


Also written for the One Single Impression prompt: Insecure

Photo courtesy of Flickr