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A Summer Haiku and So Long for Now…


I’m taking a blog break for the next few weeks.

Plan to spend more time outside and to work on several projects in progress too.

You can read more about what me AND Mr. Cheddar are working on here. 😉

I wish all my readers a happy, healthy and memorable summer. May it be your best one ever! 🙂

I’ll be back to blogging before autumn, hope to see you then.

♥ Lots of Hugs and Happy Father’s Day too! ♥



Three Haiku Poems on the Cusp of Summer


bike haiku

shell photo sandy carlson

Summer has certainly been “in the air” here in BC, in the past couple of weeks.

We reached 34C, one day last week and more warm weather is apparently on the way, very soon.

Right now we are having a bit of a cool spell, with rain and that’s welcome too. 🙂 Takes care of all the dust!

Hope you enjoy these three summer haiku/haiga from the archives, celebrating all things to come. It’s going to be a good summer, I just know it! 😉

Have a Wonderful Week! 


The Summer Wind…

“…came blowing in. From across the sea.”

The Summer Wind

(click to listen)

performed by Frank Sinatra.

How I love that tune, especially how ‘old blue eyes’ sings it! 😉

Not all that timely, considering it’s fall but that song keeps playing in my mind today, as I work on my new haiku book.

The Summer Wind is part of a line, for one of the poems in this new collection.

And this “windy” haiku also came to mind:

hunch brought to mind


Do you have a song playing in your head today? Do share. 🙂

Happy Weekend to All!


A Mid-Summer Haiku and Back to Blogging!

I’m happy to be back to blogging, as of today. I’ve been working on a number of offline projects, which I posted about over at Happy Break.

Suffice to say, July has been a very productive month. 🙂

The hot weather continues here in BC. This haiku and scene always makes me feel cooler.

This is one of the 120 haiku poems featured in my new book: Haiku Reflections: The Four Seasons. One of several projects I completed during this past month.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer and staying cool, however you can. 😉

How’s your weather?


Haiku Reflections: More Summer Wishes

We are having yet another rainy week, here in BC. I’m wishing for a sunny July 1st to be able to enjoy the day at the park.

Hope you enjoy this haiku that is one of the poems included in my new haiku book: Haiku Reflections. The Four Seasons.

Just waiting for the proof to arrive in the mail now. Another project I’ve wanted to complete for a long time, finally complete. 😉

Hope you are having better weather, wherever you may be.

May all your summer wishes, come true! 🙂


Haiku Reflections: Beach Dreams


I saw this beautiful shell photo over at Sandy Carlson’s blog a while back.

It made me think about the upcoming summer and how the beach is one of the best places to enjoy it.

Thanks Sandy, for the inspiring photo and for allowing me to use it here.

The haiku poem above is one of 120 I am including in my haiku book; that I am currently working on. Celebrating the wonder of the four seasons.

Happy Weekend and Happy Beach Dreams too! 🙂

PS: Thanks to everyone who sent along their best/healing wishes, since my eye injury last Friday. Most appreciated. My eye is almost back to normal now. It was a frightening experience, I blogged about it over at Happy Break.