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Words of Wisdom: Ready for an Adventure? ;-)

october sunset 1

New people, new lands, new ways and new experiences open the possibility of expanding our spirits and flushing out the stagnant particles in our blood.”


What do you think?

Does a change of scene and pace always result in a renewed and/or awakened spirit?

I think it definitely can help.

And I’m SOOOO ready/long-overdue for a new adventure!! 😉

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Motivational Monday: Keep Positivity on Your Side

A reblog from Genki Kitty’s blog, to share this thoughtful and inspiring post.

I hope it adds a smile to your day. 🙂

Genki Kitty's Blog

Keep positive to get things in life

There are times in our lives when we feel down and against the world.  Whether it be a gain in weight while on a diet, fitness goals unmet, problems with a relationship or even problems with our career, you will have times in your life when things aren’t perfect.  So what is a person to do when everything seems to be falling out of place and nothing seems to be helping out of the hole of despair?  Well, as a Christian I want to say follow up with more prayers and give thanksgiving for all the blessings we have in life.  Additionally I want to add to stay positive in the lack of light in your life right now.  Take a breath, walk away for a few moments (or longer if necessary) and look towards it in a different light.  Keep positive in the times of darkness and you will…

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An Inspiring Quote for the Weekend :-)

wellness thoughts

The mind-body connection is so powerful. 🙂

And sadly, that power is often forgotten when it is needed most.

I always try to dwell on good thoughts these days; focusing on what’s positive, throughout each day.

I also strive to let go of the petty annoyances that come up; in the big picture, they really mean little or nothing at all. 

That kind of positive energy and thought pattern can also have a profound effect on how we are feeling and on our overall health. I know personally just how well this works.

I’ve “been there” when it comes to talking about and dwelling on every little ache and pain and my larger health concerns too, over the years. I know now without any doubt, that dwelling on health and wellness at all times DOES impact reality in significant ways, if we stick with it. 

If you haven’t already, try it! You will be amazed by the power of your subconscious mind if you let it work its wonders.

The body/mind connection. It works for or against us, every day. The choice is ours.

Have a Happy and Healthy Weekend! 🙂


An Inspiring Quote for the Weekend…

seize the day

I wrote this quote in a journal I have, many years ago and happened to read it again this morning.

It was a timely reminder for me, I hope you enjoy it too.

We really DO need to take time not only to “seize” each day, but also to celebrate the high points, victories, wins..each and every night. It can put a whole new perspective on the days to come too. 

Have a wonderful and creative weekend, G 🙂


First, Trust Yourself!

trust prompt

Author unknown for this quote (one of my favorites) but such wise words.

When we get to the point of truly trusting our own instincts, without much second guessing, doubt…we have come a long way.

I’m still working on it but making progress. 😉 I hope this quote inspires you too.

Created for the April 28th Woven Dreams prompt: TRUST


An Inspiring Quote and the Mystery of Spring Flowers.


“Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.”

Zen saying

I love this quote!

So true, how our perceptions of each day and every experience can make all the difference.

Speaking of mysteries, is there anything more amazing than the wonder of the first flowers of spring?

I’m a big tulip fan! I love to see the “new arrivals” each spring.

For now, here’s one from the photo file. 🙂

Happy Weekend!

PS: I am testing the waters with a new blog idea (yes, just what I need, another blog) 😉 this would be a weekly prompt blog.

Stop by Woven Dreams Prompts if you’d like to know more!