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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! :-)


May the Luck of the Irish be with you, today and every day!

I’ve got a wee bit of Irish in my ancestry and I’m happy for that. 😉

I do love “all things green” and related to this fun holiday.

PS: And do click through to: Veggies, Yarns & Tails, for a lucky wish from Mr. Cheddar.

He’s celebrating today too. 😉




Some Glorious Greens and a Chuckle for St. Patrick’s Day!

gg collage

Green. My fav color, in every shade. How I ♥ it!

St. Patrick’s Day is a good day not only to celebrate luck but also, the beauty and wonder of all the “glorious greens” in life. I hope you enjoy the examples above.

I hope today brings lots of luck to you too. 😉

And for a big chuckle, stop by here to see what me and Mr. Cheddar got up to today. 😉

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂


An Favorite Irish Tune for St. Patrick’s Day!

What would the world be like without music? Hard to imagine really.

This Sunday’s prompt at Woven Dreams is : MUSIC.

I started to think about how many favorite songs I have: from jazz, to rock, to classical…the list goes on and on.

Would be hard to narrow it down to even a dozen or two.

 But for St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it would be fun to share one of my fav. Irish tunes:

Black Velvet Band (click to play, sing and dance along!) 😉

Gotta love The Irish Rovers!


♣♣ May the Luck of the Irish Be With You Today and Every Day! ♣♣

Photo courtesy of Flickr