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Revisiting…Fading Memories

It’s a cool, dreary Thanksgiving Day, here on Vancouver Island.

This poem and photo came to mind this afternoon, again and again.

Thinking of all those struggling with these heartbreaking issues. Sending hugs. ❤

Your efforts ARE appreciated.

I know….because my mom so poignantly told me that, when I needed to hear it most, many years ago. 

My Poetic Path

She sits in the diner, far from home.
Lunch rush over.
Blessed quiet restored.
It’s Tuesday, “her day”.
A crosstown bus ride, now a secret and special delight.
Away from the caring but claustrophobic family.
Still time to look back on happier days.
Trying to hold on to precious, fading memories.
The hours to savor, often still hopeful and good.
But too many others, a haze of uncertainty and doubt.
For now…
She will cautiously guard her fragile independence.
If only for a while longer.
Keeping them guessing.
Or so she hopes.
Where did the time go?
When did the children grow up to rise above her?
Knowing “what’s best”.
The mother becoming the child.
The child becoming the mother.
Trying to do their best..
Of that one thing, she is sure.
She grasps fervently and desperately to the time left.
To revel in these sacred moments alone.
Savoring her own thoughts.
Not willing to give…

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Love is Never Ending

Yesterday, I missed you even more than usual.
Memories that tug at my heart.
The simple, everyday…
at the time “taken for granted” moments.
Coffee or lunch at our favorite place.
The many, many laughs we shared.
Shopping for that elusive “perfect” pair of shoes.
All the treats that I didn’t really need;
 but you wanted me to have.
Time well spent in the kitchen.
And so much more…
I felt the weight of your absence.
Your photo on the fridge; still smiling at me.
This time; such a sad, small consolation.
Heavy on my mind and heart.
The connection seemed broken.
Too much to bear.
But then you came.
Suddenly and without a doubt.
You were there, once again.
Your spirit soaring free.
So close by.
Blue butterfly beside me.
And what could be better.
Inside a store!
A perfectly chosen “our kind” of place.
A beautiful miracle.
Wrapped in delicate wings of pale shimmering blue.
You circled me, again and again.
The wonder of the moment.
I embraced and held your spirit.
Close again to my heart.
Love, is never-ending.
It will sustain, inspire and shelter us.
For as long as we live.
And far beyond this earth.
  “Love is Never Ending” © 2008 Geraldine H. Hartman
Dedicated with love to my mom, Helen xxoo
Submitted to OSI for the October 19th prompt: Never Ending
Photo courtesy of: Flickr


Standing in the Rain


You left me standing in the rain.
No longer your Rose.
Nothing gained.
You left me waiting for the answers.
But year after year…
Patiently I waited;
they never came.
You left me for a life.
That was your prison for too long.
The light in your eyes.
For just a while…. ignited.
Now cold.
You left me broken.
Like a bird on the ground.
Laughter and song.
Now echos drifting from the mountains.
As tears fall to the ground.
You left me standing in the rain.
To heal.
Trying to restrain:
The Anger, the Hurt…
… and so much Pain.
 “Standing in the rain” © 2008 Geraldine H. Hartman
 Photo courtesy of: Flickr
 Written for the July 26th prompt from: Search Engine Stories.
A wonderful new prompt opportunity each Saturday.
Hope to see you there!



Finally free to fly again.
Up above.
Far from the troubles and sadness.
This world had been for too long.
You are with me…
Day by day.
Your presence stronger than ever.
Your touch, always within reach.
As you flit among the flowers and the trees.
Sharing your beauty.
A miracle of grace and rebirth.
No longer sadness, only joy and release.
As the spring becomes the summer.
May you bask in the warmth you loved so much.
Skim the lake, savor the scents, seeing clearly.
And being all that you were, once again.
Up in the blue, blue skies.
And in my heart.
Forever and unchanged.
You shall remain.
Dedicated to my mother:
Helen Ruth Hartman, who passed on in May 2007.
‘Butterfly’-poem © Geraldine H. Hartman 2008
Monarch butterfly photo © Caroline Brown


The Beckoning Spring


The solitude and stillness, at once comforting and disconcerting.          

Hints of a breeze.

Thoughts engaging, surfacing memories.

The past, plainly in view and on display.


The chill to the bark and bone.

Reality, brought back.

To the forefront.

Branches of the mind.


Whispering winds.

Harbingers of haunted dreams.

Times, places, faces.

Best forgotten, never quite complete.

Or discarded.


To be alone in this moment.  

To seal it, wrap it carefully in a delicate leaf of black lace.


A tear runs down a waiting cheek.

Slips silently to the earth.

Returning to the bark and the branches.

The leaves, still to come.


Yesterday becomes today.

Promises of tomorrow, perhaps.

Renewed hope and letting go.

Life’s lessons, from the tree.


“The Beckoning Spring” © Geraldine Hartman 2008

Photo © Jason Evans




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