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My Poetic Path: Free Kindle Promo This Weekend! :-)

My Poetic Path NEW cover (front)

My poetry book:

My Poetic Path, Selected Poems 2000-2010

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Happy Reading and Weekend! G

PS: I finished the print version of my new cookbook yesterday, yippeee…now working on the formatting for the Kindle version. ūüôā


Amazon Book “Breakthrough” on Black Friday :-)

I was over at and¬†yesterday morning, browsing; along with a gazillion other shoppers and to my surprise and delight, 2 of my books/eBooks were on 3 Top 100 PAID lists! ūüôā

Here’s a screenshot from around 9AM,¬†Black Friday¬†over at¬†¬†from the:

Top 100 Paid List for Vegetarian Cookbooks:

The Groovy Green Kitchen on Black Friday 2014 at 9 AM

The Groovy Green Kitchen: Weeknight Veggie Slow Cooker was at #75. 

Not number 1 but heh on a Paid List, especially on Black Friday, I’ll take it. ūüėČ


It’s a rare honor/treat to end up on any Top 100 List at Amazon, especially the paid lists considering the millions of books that are available at Amazon.¬†I wasn’t able to see if I moved up any further later in the day as I was out and about with a lot of errands to do, but it sure was a nice way to start the morning. ūüôā

haiku cover from vespers blog

Meanwhile, over at, Haiku Reflections: The Four Seasons Volume 1 was on 2 Top 100 Paid Lists: Love Poems and Haiku and Japanese. 

Considering how many people were online at and .ca shopping yesterday (I’m guessing in the millions!) that made it even more special.

It also gave me a “kick in the pants” to get back working on my two current eBook projects more diligently. ūüėČ

I’ve been rather lazy about getting these projects finished but I’m digging in this week to change that.

One is the second installment in The Groovy Green Kitchen series, the other is a motivational book about a number of topics including the Law of Attraction.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Shopping, Cooking and Reading too! ūüėČ

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If You Enjoy Poetry….

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Have a great week! ūüôā


My Poetic Path NEW cover (front)

You might like to check out my latest Kindle promotion this weekend.

This one is for my traditional poetry collection:

My Poetic Path: Selected Poems 2000-2010 

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The Kindle version will be available free this Saturday and Sunday at, .ca, , UK….

I hope you‚Äôll check out all my other books/eBooks at Amazon too. ūüėČ

I’m heading out tomorrow on my trip but will be online at least a few times next week to check on emails, my WP Reader…

Have a wonderful week and happy reading too! ūüôā

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The Bells


The bells are ringing. 

Calling flocks of believers.

Summoning those resolute. 

Determined for a cause. 

Glorious peals and tolls of doom. 

Messengers and harbingers. 

Remainders and reminders of centuries past.


Bride, radiant and glowing. 

A vision in white. 

Easter lilies and crimson red roses. 

Fragrant cascade and fervent hopes. 

Awaiting the first chimes to call her beloved. 

Then jubilant, triumphant peals. 

As they walk together, hand in hand. 

While mourning doves soar in flight.

Glorious melodious morning. 

A moment in time. 

Burnished in their hearts.

Sealed in golden time. 



A young soldier. 

Lies in bed as another night closes in. 

Listening to his heart. 


But from depths unknown. 

Eager and ready. 

Stalwart; he awaits his call. 

That same sad toll his mother dreads. 

Off to battle. 

Perhaps never to return. 

Now, there is no escaping. 

As the bell drones on….


The Angelus.

Noon-time brings blessed chimes.

A brief pause to reflect and renew. 

Soothing, serene sound. 

Now the traffic of life swallows up and silences, 

this sweet refrain.

No longer time to stop. 

To be still and silent. 

For little more than the few moments gained. 

As we scurry through, yet another day.


The bells of December. 

Bell-ringers, resplendent in their festive garb. 

Call on the angels. 

With strains of the Halleluiah Chorus. 

And bring a special magic to the season. 

Outside; the snow continues to fall. 

Frosting the emerald trees. 

Painting a scene of wonder and light. 



small and large. 

Gold, bronze and silver. 

Smooth metal, shimmering in white towers. 

Sometimes, blackened and cracked.

May they remain. 

A special part of our future. 

And for all those to come. 

Not resigned to the fading, forgotten past.



PS: In the small BC city where I live, we rarely hear bells of any kind. ūüė¶

But this past week, I did hear some church bells ringing and it was lovely. Maybe a wedding! ūüôā

Also sharing with Poets United


‚ÄúThe Bells‚ÄĚ ¬© 2008 Geraldine H. Hartman

from the poetry collection: My Poetic Path 

Photo courtesy of: Flickr



Haiku Reflections: Endless Love




PS: If you are looking for¬†a personal and oh so yummy gift to make this Valentine’s Day; you might also enjoy this post over at Take A Happy Break.¬†

Nothing says love, quite like chocolate! ‚ô• Homemade… even better.¬†¬†ūüėČ

Also submitted for the OSI  prompt: Vital


Wait for Me

Scanning the early morning light.
She slowly climbs the stone stairs.
As another day dawns.
Pale grey horizon.
Sea spray fills the air.
Salt: bitter taste on her parched lips.
Mingles with a wayward tear.
Turbulent, ominous sea.
In control and in command.
To take away
“Wait for me”
His last words.
Eyes so blue, kind and sure.
But even then….
Sharing their last embrace.
She sensed the darkness.
Drawing near.
Now she stands and stares.
Flaxen hair,
strays wildly from her crimson cloak.
Hands cold with fear.
Clutching the rails of the
¬†Widow’s Walk.
Breath comes hard.
Fighting her greatest fear.
Holding his love close.
Wrapped in the veins of her heart.
Sensing him.
Wanting him.
Her one and only.
Precious and dear.
“Wait for me”
She whispers in reply.
 Trembling in the cold, biting wind.
Powerful needs of body and soul.
Dreams so fragile.
If only to glimpse his ship.
“Please God, oh please…”
…soon¬†to be here?
Out on the ocean.
Dark and deep.
Furious, mighty waves.
The elements.
Sailors of the deep, calling.
These enemies surround him.
He stands alone.
Stalwart, tall and brave.
Eyes facing.
Heart racing.
Homeward bound.
Clinging to comforts.
Seeing her warm, welcoming smile.
Fragrance of lilies, fading.
Sighs and sorrow.
As another day returns to the night.
“Wait for me”
He shouts in vain;
 to the rain-drenched, thundering skies.
My everlasting promise:
To return to you.
Once again.
Will remain.
Will sustain.
“Wait for me”

¬†“Wait for Me” ¬© 2008 Geraldine H. Hartman

Photo taken at Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria, British Columbia courtesy of: Flickr

PS: Many years ago, I walked up these same¬†stairs, to the Widow’s Walk of this¬†much-visited castle. Even now, I¬†remember the feeling of being there and standing¬†in the presence of¬†those passed on.¬†Spirits¬†so real, perhaps¬†still waiting.


Written for two of this weekend’s prompts:

“Wait for Me” at Search Engine Stories

“Stairway” at One Single Impression