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Christmas: A Time for Miracles

Looking for some holiday hope and inspiration?

Check out my latest post and review! ūüôā



Check out my new review for this eBook: Christmas Miracles, especially if you are in need of some hope and inspiration.

I really enjoyed the holiday-themed stories in this eBook. 

In a world that often seems to have gone mad (just watch the news!!) it’s so easy to give up on goodwill, hope and miracles, big and small. But the world ISfilled with all kinds of good people and wonderful things, we just need to be open to seeing and believing that’s true. 

I wish you all… a magical and memorable holiday season!!


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The Miracle of the Season


I also have a little tribute to Charlie Brown and his Christmas tree, over at Veggies.

If you were/are a fan of all things Charlie, do stop in!

Happy, Happy Holidays! ūüôā


Love is Never Ending

Yesterday, I missed you even more than usual.
Memories that tug at my heart.
The simple, everyday…
at the time “taken for granted”¬†moments.
Coffee or lunch at our favorite place.
The many, many laughs we shared.
Shopping for¬†that elusive¬†“perfect” pair of shoes.
All the treats that I didn’t really need;
 but you wanted me to have.
Time well spent in the kitchen.
And so much more…
I felt the weight of your absence.
Your photo on the fridge; still smiling at me.
This time; such a sad, small consolation.
Heavy on my mind and heart.
The connection seemed broken.
Too much to bear.
But then you came.
Suddenly and without a doubt.
You were there, once again.
Your spirit soaring free.
So close by.
Blue butterfly beside me.
And what could be better.
Inside a store!
A perfectly chosen “our kind” of¬†place.
A beautiful miracle.
Wrapped in delicate wings of pale shimmering blue.
You circled me, again and again.
The wonder of the moment.
I embraced and held your spirit.
Close again to my heart.
Love, is never-ending.
It will sustain, inspire and shelter us.
For as long as we live.
And far beyond this earth.
¬†¬†“Love is Never Ending” ¬© 2008¬†Geraldine H. Hartman
Dedicated with love to my mom, Helen xxoo
Submitted to OSI for the October 19th prompt: Never Ending
Photo courtesy of: Flickr