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Blogging Updates… Back to WORDPRESS!😊

July 1, 11 Nelson park pics 017

Hello again and HAPPY SUMMER!

I’ve decided to resurrect my two WordPress blogs, this one and also, Veggies, Yarns & Tails.

You can read all the details HERE.

I’m going to try for weekly posts and of course, back to more regular visits at my many favorite WordPress blogs.

For now, wishing you a great week and hope you’ll stop by again soon for new posts here and at Veggies…

It’s nice to be back!😊


Three Haiku Poems on the Cusp of Summer


bike haiku

shell photo sandy carlson

Summer has certainly been “in the air” here in BC, in the past couple of weeks.

We reached 34C, one day last week and more warm weather is apparently on the way, very soon.

Right now we are having a bit of a cool spell, with rain and that’s welcome too. πŸ™‚ Takes care of all the dust!

Hope you enjoy these three summer haiku/haiga from the archives, celebrating all things to come. It’s going to be a good summer, I just know it! πŸ˜‰

Have a Wonderful Week!Β 


A Tanka Moment: Spring Thaw


This is a poem from the archives and my first attempt at Tanka poetry.Β 

I hope you enjoy it for the first time, or perhaps, once again! πŸ˜‰

It has definitely “thawed” here in BC, only a bit of snow left up on the higher mountains.Β Everything else is starting to bloom! πŸ™‚

How is your weather?Β 

You can read more about Tanka poetry here.

Have a Wonderful Weekend! πŸ™‚


My Poetic Path: Free Kindle Promo This Weekend! :-)

My Poetic Path NEW cover (front)

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Happy Reading and Weekend! G

PS: I finished the print version of my new cookbook yesterday, yippeee…now working on the formatting for the Kindle version. πŸ™‚


Word of the Week: Integrity

I’ve been thinking about the value and importance of INTEGRITY, a lot lately.

Unfortunately, I have had more than my share of interacting with people who aren’t on that same wave-length, in this regard, especially in the past few years. I try to limit my contact with these kinds of people, but as we all know, sometimes that is just not possible. 😦


The following post and story was one that I previously shared at: Take a Happy Break. It came to mind again this week and if you haven’t read it previously, I hope you will find it interesting and uplifting too, at least in terms of my part in this event.

Carol did go on to get a better job after this happened (it took a while though) and was a happier person being out of this stressful environment; so that was something good that eventually came out of this. But at the time, it was very difficult and challenging, for both of us. And IMO, something that should have never happened.Β 


It’s people with true integrity who have always been my heroes. The kind of people who stand by their personal beliefs and ethics, even when it’s not the easy or popular route to take.

On a personal note, I think of myself as a person striving to live a life of integrity. Getting it right, not always, but most of the time. I have been challenged several times over the years in this respect. Two employment situations in particular come to mind. I stood up for people when it was not the “popular” or easy choice at the time.

It made for some very tough sailing for me, at one place in particular.. They fired a person who had worked there for years and who had been an exemplary employee but not one who was part of the “in” crowd.

Carol (name changed) ran the main office. She was very conscientious about her work. Not a person to allow all the staff on their own whims to go through personal or financial information (which many of them seemed to think was their right) and ran a tight ship in terms of keeping the books balanced etc….From where I was watching, Carol was the key person who kept this organization viable and progressing.

But as is too often the case, she ended up having the tables turned on her and the majority of staff rallying against her. A gang mentality continued to build. It was frightening to watch.

After several weeks of this internal back-stabbing a board meeting was called. All the other hands went up around the table in favor of firing her, including a “born again Christian” who was supposedly Carol’s friend and loved to sing hymns throughout the day. Looking rather sheepish and embarrassed as I remember.

My hand stayed down. My convictions remained unchanged. I was not about to be a part of this nasty and uncalled-for dismissal. And as expected, after Carol was gone, the “guns” turned on me, making it difficult to continue to work there, in spite of the fact that I loved my job and needed it financially too.

But whatever challenges I faced after that episode, I felt good about what was the only choice I could make.

As it turned out, the “excellent” replacement employee who was hired after Carol, went on to bilk this organization out of thousands of dollars and was finally arrested. I saw it on the local TV news, years later. A little smile came to my face as I remember. In the long run, they did not come out ahead by getting rid of an honest, hard-working person. But rather, brought this organization to the brink of closure and cast a bad light on how it’s operations were then perceived, throughout the community.

Another example that comes to mind when I think of the word integrity. Sealing a contract/agreement with a handshake.I don’t know if that ever happens anymore but when I was very young I often remember my dad shaking hands with someone and it was “a deal” with no paperwork required. It was a given then, that was enough. “My word is my bond”. I don’t remember any of these transactions falling through either. πŸ™‚

It’s not always easy to take the high road, to stand up for what’s right, to speak up for the “underdog”. But time after time (and sometimes it can take a very long time) it is “always the right time to do the right thing”.

What are your thoughts on the importance of integrity?

Have you found it challenging at times to stand up for what’s right?Β 


Are You Yearning for Snow???


yearning haiku

I am! πŸ˜‰

We’ve had quite a bit of rain recently, here in BC but just a bit of snow that melts before it hits the ground at lower elevations (where we are).Β 

This haiku and photo came to mind today, as I scanned the cloudy skies.

Any snow where you are?

Have a wonderful, magical weekend! πŸ™‚


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Haiku Reflections ii front cover


Haiku Reflections II

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Happy Reading and Have a Wonderful Weekend.

The sun is shining here in BC and I’m smiling. πŸ˜‰


Three Haiku Poems on the Cusp of Winter


Pulling up the quilt.

Heavy snow, all through the night.

Winter on the way.


A chill in the air.

Wrapping my scarf, one more time.

Snowflakes from the sky.


A windy, cold night.

Branches strewn across the path.

Winter on the way.


PS: We had a bit of snow here in Interior BC, the past couple of days, but it’s melting now.

Winter IS on the way though.

Hope you enjoy these three haiku poems, on the cusp of this magical season to come.Β 

What is your weather doing? Any snow?

Have a wonderful week! πŸ™‚