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Happy (almost!) Spring and…

Spring fever has already hit this year!

I can’t wait….how about you??

I hope it’s a magical season for all of you.


Also, please note new address for my review blog:

My Real Life Reviews

is now at:

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The I LOVE SPRING Contest!

Stop by to enter soon!

Contest closes March 31st! 🙂


Only a few more days left to enter the:


at My Real Life Reviews.

One lucky winner will win $200 in great prizes.

What a great way to welcome and to start the spring season. 🙂

Contest open to US and Canadian residents.

Stop by to enter soon.

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter! 🙂

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Product Review: My Seven Year Pen (It’s Still Going Strong!!) ;-)


I first reviewed the Seven Year Pen (click to read review) back in 2011, over at my review blog: My Real Life Reviews.

it then and almost 4 years later, I still do. 😉

I have 3 of these pens now and have given some for gifts too. My first one is still going strong and I use it on a regular basis.

Another thing I like about these pens (as one person also commented about in the original review) being a “south-paw” it’s hard to find pens that have fast drying ink that doesn’t smear, when writing with your left hand. These pens are great in this respect as well.

Apparently, over 100 MILLION pens end up in landfills each year!!! 😦

That’s a staggering number and such a waste. The Seven Year Pen is definitely a “green-step” in the right direction. 🙂

If you haven’t tried one yet, you can purchase them here (prices vary at Amazon, $5-9… depending on the style/color you choose).

They are also available at Chapters/Indigo stores, in Canada and at the Seltzer company website.  

If you have tried one of these pens, do share your experience! 



HP Printer Conundrum!!! :-(


For the most part, I’ve been happy with my HP Deskjet 3052A printer, which I reviewed here (click to read detailed review). 

But recently, it’s been “acting up” in a very strange way.

To explain: I changed both of the ink cartridges recently and that’s when the problem started.

When I print out the test page for aligning the printer, after putting in the new cartridges, it comes out fine, the text etc, is nice and clear. Also, when I clean the print heads and print out a test page, fine too. BUT when I print anything from a page on my computer, it’s all blurry.

I went to the HP site and tried out all the troubleshooting steps I could find, including removing and adding the printer back again, nada…nothing worked, it’s still doing the same thing.

If it was just dust on the cartridges or faulty cartridges, would ALL the printing not be blurry, not just things that are printed from my PC?

If you have ever had this problem or have any suggestions, I’d be oh so grateful to hear them. 🙂

I like HP printers the best overall, but this conundrum has me stumped. 😦


Book Review: Black Like Me (Griffin Estate Edition)

black like me

I re-read (as the updated Griffin Estate Edition) Black Like Me, this past week.

This was a book that touched me deeply as a teenager and even more so now, reading it as an adult.

You can read more about this new estate edition in my review at:

My Real Life Reviews.


Sending PDF’s to a Kindle

Some of my readers already know that I recently received a Kindle Paperwhite as a gift. You can read my full review of Kindle Paperwhite here.

I’m still learning all the functions and possibilities, using my Kindle and yesterday I tried sending my first PDF to my Kindle, from a file on my computer.

I read at several sites that PDF’s don’t show up in a very pleasing/readable format on Kindle but I kept reading and finally found the answer over at Amazon  how to rectify this problem.

In case you’re also a newbie to all things Kindle, here’s the easy steps to send a PDF to your Kindle, in a suitable print format:

-Choose the file you want to send and right click. Choose “send to” and pick: mail recipient.

-Then send using your Kindle assigned email address, adding “convert” in the subject line.

-Click send and wait a bit (took about 5 minutes to go through here, that can vary) and voila: a PDF sent to your Kindle that you can actually read!

-Make sure to include the email addresses you want to receive documents, etc …from, on your “Manage Your Kindle” page at Amazon, in the list of approved email addresses. I hadn’t done that the first time and it didn’t work. Easy to add as many email addresses as you like though.

I find it’s often the case of not being able to find an answer easily or on the first search, when it comes to techie things; not that it’s actually something that’s hard to do, as was the case with this issue.

I hope I’ve helped someone else with my experience.

Happy eReading! 🙂

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Re: My Product Review Blog

Just to let any readers know that my review blog: My Real Life Reviews IS still active and I will be posting there on a regular basis again, starting in February. Have been having problems with the domain renewal process but hopefully that will be cleared up in the next couple of days. I’ll be writing more about THAT experience in a bit. Suffice to say, I haven’t been impressed with a certain company!!! 😉

Hope to see you soon and Happy Week, G

PS: I’m back up and running at  as of this afternoon. 🙂


20 Great Gift Ideas Under $20



The holidays are just around the corner….isn’t November flying by fast?


If you are looking for gift ideas (that won’t break the bank!) I’ve just featured some of my favorite products from My Real Life Reviews at:


20 Gift Ideas Under $20 (with reviews too!)


Hope you’ll stop by soon and do share. 🙂  


   Holiday Magic….savor every moment!  ♥   


               Photo courtesy of Flickr