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Happy New Year and Farewell

Goodbye to My Poetic Path readers and Happy New Year.

You can read more about the “goodbye” in this post at Veggies….


Where has 2015 gone?

snowman cheddie

For me, it seems like it just flew by, faster than any other year that I remember! Can you relate? 

I’ve decided to stop blogging here at Veggies…and also at my poetry blog: My Poetic Path.

I will continue to post reviews periodically at My Real Life Reviews.

There is just not enough time to get it all done it seems, in spite of usually putting in 17+ hours, most days.

I am always on the go and this coming year I want to focus on the many creative projects I have in the works (or in mind) that I get the most joy and satisfaction from. Blogging as we all know, can take up a lot of time, especially with 3 blogs as I’ve had for many years. 

I  will  probably set up a new blog at some time in the future, focused on my…

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Just Imagine…

The new year is quickly approaching.

Just imagine the possibilities!


Wishing You All a Very Merry Christmas


The Best Year Ever in 2013. 🙂


Also written for the upcoming One Single Impression prompt: Imagine

Photo courtesy of Flickr


Haiku Reflections: The Sun Seems Brighter

It’s been a very productive year for me, so far. I seem to be running on “full steam” most days and getting more accomplished in shorter periods of time, than is usually the case.

I am now working on the first round of edits for my novel, in addition to several other projects and life changes in progress. It’s all good!

Doesn’t it seem like the sun feels warmer and shines brighter, when life is progressing as it should? 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend and week!