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The Return

the return
Cottage in the woods.
You draw me, ever closer.
Vision of my dreams and longings.
Softly soothing;
sweet childhood memories.
Recaptured innocence, wonder and peace.
Calling from years long past.
Summer’s sparkling, halcyon days.
Simple, yet wiser ways.
This solitude brings no sadness.
Only retreat from the madding crowd.
Long overdue.
Painfully delayed.
I will open my/your heart.
With key in hand.
Deed in pocket.
To rest, renew, remain.
The return.
Captured, blissful reality.
Savored, treasured completion.
Fully and finally gained.
“The Return” © 2008 Geraldine H. Hartman
From the poetry collection: My Poetic Path. Selected Poems 2000-2010
Also submitted for the OSI prompt: Peace
Photo: courtesy of Flickr


In Praise of Getting Older

We all gripe about getting older, at least some of the time.

But what about all the good things that come along with aging?

Letting go of the trivial things and people in life.

Forgiving our “mistakes”  and wrong turns along the way.

Standing up for our beliefs and convictions.

Being unafraid to stand alone, if need be.

Giving insecurity the shove that it deserves. Right off the radar. 😉

Finding out the difference between mere intelligence and wisdom.

Seizing each and every day!

Accepting ourselves, warts and all.

Accepting what we can change and what we can’t.


It’s my list and I’ll take it! 🙂

Please DO add your own praise for getting older in a comment!


Also written for the One Single Impression prompt: Insecure

Photo courtesy of Flickr


Wisdom from the Birds

” You cannot stop the birds of sadness from flying over your head, but you can stop them from nesting in your hair.”

A Chinese proverb that I really like. As always, birds can teach us so much, even indirectly.

This is an archive post from my Happy Break blog.

I thought it was a perfect fit for Sunday’s upcoming prompt at OSI: Nest

Sometimes it’s nice to re-visit a favorite post, isn’t it? 😉


PS: Thanks again to Sandy Lawrence  for the perfect nest photo!


It Makes the World Go Round :<)


It’s the biggest “gamble” most of us will ever take.

And for some of us, we roll the dice a time or two. 😉

Through the good days and the bad.

The lean times and the sad.

It’s nice to know that someone truly cares.

To wake up, wrapped in a warm embrace.

Eyes, that look beyond the surface to the center of our being.

On our side, without question or compromise.

Love: it makes the world go round. 🙂

Romance: what makes it all worthwhile.♥


Submitted for the One Single Impression prompt: Marriage

Photo courtesy of Flickr