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Haiku Reflections: Breathing Free

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons.

Not only do I love all the colors, the cooler days…but I also feel my best, physically.

Is there anything more beautiful or energizing as walking through a forest or path surrounded by maple leaves on a crisp Autumn morning ?  Not that I can think of. 😉

Also submitted for the One Single Impression prompt: Free.


So Good to Welcome Autumn, Once Again!

Poem for Autumn


Season of splendour.

As Mother Earth gently rests her weary head.

Preparing for the long sleep ahead.

The Stillness:

Harbinger to the winter chill.


But for now…

Nature’s paintbrush is busy.

With brilliant palette of crimson and gold.

The forest ablaze with colour.

As the late summer sun still warms the days.


My favourite season.

It’s beauty far surpassing the others.

A magical time of awakenings and endings.

Like no other.

A joy to once again rediscover.


We are reminded of another year’s passing.

Of changes, inevitable.

Required in all things.

And to everything there is a season,

and a reason we will find,

for all.



It’s loveliness and wonder endures.

It’s arrival.

Always a feast for the senses.

A gilded gift we receive.

To dazzle and delight.


We put away our thoughts.

Of the cold days ahead.

There is so much to enjoy right now.

Inspiring us.

Autumn’s beauty to behold.


 GHH © 2000. Revised 2008.

This is a popular poem/topic year after year, based on the stats.

I guess there are a lot of people who love Autumn as much as I do. 🙂