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It’s Not All Ho Ho Ho and Good Cheer



A magical time for many people.

But for so many others.

It’s not about the ho ho ho and good cheer.

The holidays bring to mind the good times and memories, from years past.

But often, these are tinged by the sadness of loss and longing.

To relive the days of laughter and fun.

With family and friends close by.

Basking in the warmth that can only come from within.

It’s about the homeless and hungry.

The neighbour, struggling with their first year of being alone without a beloved spouse.

The disabled, in all the forms that constant burden can take.

Someone spending their holidays in bedside prayer.

Those who have lost hope, for whatever reason.

The unseen scars, not apparent at first glance.

Bottled up frustrations, fears and disappointments.

The wasted years, the regrets and wrong turns.

The things that won’t be changed, now.

The eyes speak volumes.

They can often tell us so much more than a smile on someone’s face.

Not a smile from the heart.

But there because it’s required and expected.

To “suck it up”.

To be strong.

To just, carry on.

But the pain is no less real.

So much need.

Give a hug, say a kind word, smile at a stranger.

Find a way to really help, this year.

To make a miracle happen.

For someone who needs one.

And who may have given up, on believing.

It might be small.

It might not be recognized or tallied, by some organization’s:

stats, quotas or newspaper photos.

But it will be tallied, all the same.


Photo courtesy of Flickr


Winter Sneak Peek from Haiku Reflections II




Feeling your presence.

Velvet rose, good-time clothes.

Winter memories.


Saturday morning.

Croissants and coffee in bed.

Plum jam, with kisses!


Mittens on a string.

Bundling up the little ones.

First day at the rink.


Haiku Reflections II is now available in print and Kindle versions, over at Amazon!

Haiku Reflections ii front cover

I’m so happy to have this latest book completed and happy how it turned out too.

Even have my first review over at Amazon already, woohoo…thanks L! 🙂 

I’ve shared a sneak peek from the Winter section of the book, above.

Winter can be a tough time for all of us. But I hope that these poems bring to mind, some of the magic of this upcoming season.


Happy Weekend (and Black Friday Shopping!) to All. 🙂


50 Steps To a More Peaceful Life




Live. Learn. Love. Eat.

  1. Take time to pray and meditate.
  2. Be grateful.
  3. Keep your eyes open.
  4. Hold the hand of a child, feel little arms around your neck.
  5. Listen to the innocent chatter and play of little ones.
  6. Walk in nature.
  7. Let the sun in every day.
  8. Stretch yourself on purpose.
  9. See yourself as separate from your thoughts. You are not your thoughts.
  10. Eat foods from nature, foods that have soaked up the sun and grown in the purity of the earth’s rich, fertile soil.
  11. Sing, dance, play, create. Free yourself in some way every day.
  12. Don’t get stuck in routines and bore yourself.
  13. Allow yourself pleasure and enjoyment in life, guilt-free.
  14. Laugh.
  15. Get in touch with the elements, water, earth, air and fire. Swim, go barefoot, breathe in nature, watch a flame.
  16. Lay down on the earth and stare up at the sky. Watch the clouds float on by.
  17. Watch the sun rise…

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Words of Wisdom: A “Birdie” Proverb :<)

bird pic for proverb

This is from my photo archives; it was from a post at one of my previous blogs.

Another one that I found while “tidying up” my photo files a few days ago. 😉

Rather a fun photo and still good advice, don’t you agree?

Happy Week! 🙂


Skywatch Friday: Riders in the Sky


I took this photo from our back porch a couple of weeks ago, at sunset.

Looks like there’s someone riding across the sky! 😉

Also sharing with Skywatch Friday.

Wishing You a LUCKY Friday the 13th and have a Great Weekend! 🙂