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My Poetic Path: Free Kindle Promo This Weekend! :-)

My Poetic Path NEW cover (front)

My poetry book:

My Poetic Path, Selected Poems 2000-2010

Will be available FREE all this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as a Kindle book, at, .ca., UK, IT….

If you don’t have a copy already, this is a good time to get one! 😉

Happy Reading and Weekend! G

PS: I finished the print version of my new cookbook yesterday, yippeee…now working on the formatting for the Kindle version. 🙂


Into Impressionism

This was one of the first posts I saw in my WP reader today, what a treat! Hope you enjoy all this beauty too.

Have a wonderful late autumn weekend. It’s still nice and warm, here in BC. 🙂

Lady Fi

Late September sunsets

Are when cloud rainbows reflect in water


And autumn dances in

Wearing lilac veils.

Lilac burst

For more autumn beauty, please visit: Skywatch.

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Getting Over the “Snuffles” and an Upcoming Free Promo

I rarely get sick but I’m just getting over a cold right now. 😦

I don’t “do sick” well or often and I’m getting fed up with sitting around on the couch reading or napping, when I’ve got a pile of work I should be doing instead. Oh well, this too shall pass.

On a happier note, I have another free Kindle ebook promo coming up this Friday and Saturday (15th- 16th) for:

haiku cover from vespers blog

Haiku Reflections: The Four Seasons

I’ve been happy to note that Haiku Reflections continues to be on the Top 100 Paid Best Sellers: Poetry: Japanese and Haiku, over at Amazon. 😉

I also recently completed all the haiku poems for my new poetry book/ebook, that will be published shortly:

Haiku Reflections II: The Four Seasons

 As soon as I’m feeling better, I’ll be getting that project completed. 🙂

Hope you are having a good and “snuffle-free” week.

But judging by what I was reading on the WP Reader yesterday, there are a lot of bloggers “under the weather” right now.


50 Steps To a More Peaceful Life




Live. Learn. Love. Eat.

  1. Take time to pray and meditate.
  2. Be grateful.
  3. Keep your eyes open.
  4. Hold the hand of a child, feel little arms around your neck.
  5. Listen to the innocent chatter and play of little ones.
  6. Walk in nature.
  7. Let the sun in every day.
  8. Stretch yourself on purpose.
  9. See yourself as separate from your thoughts. You are not your thoughts.
  10. Eat foods from nature, foods that have soaked up the sun and grown in the purity of the earth’s rich, fertile soil.
  11. Sing, dance, play, create. Free yourself in some way every day.
  12. Don’t get stuck in routines and bore yourself.
  13. Allow yourself pleasure and enjoyment in life, guilt-free.
  14. Laugh.
  15. Get in touch with the elements, water, earth, air and fire. Swim, go barefoot, breathe in nature, watch a flame.
  16. Lay down on the earth and stare up at the sky. Watch the clouds float on by.
  17. Watch the sun rise…

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Haiku Reflections: The Brilliant Reds of Autumn

autumn leaves haiku

One of my favorite “leaf photos” from the archives.

I think this is sumac. Anyone???

Hope you enjoy it too! 🙂

Also sharing with Ruby Tuesday Too