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Wait for Me

Scanning the early morning light.
She slowly climbs the stone stairs.
As another day dawns.
Pale grey horizon.
Sea spray fills the air.
Salt: bitter taste on her parched lips.
Mingles with a wayward tear.
Turbulent, ominous sea.
In control and in command.
To take away
“Wait for me”
His last words.
Eyes so blue, kind and sure.
But even then….
sharing their last embrace.
She sensed the darkness.
Drawing near.
Now she stands and stares.
Flaxen hair,
strays wildly from her crimson cloak.
Hands cold with fear.
Clutching the rails of the Widow’s Walk.
Breath comes hard.
Fighting her greatest fear.
Holding his love close.
Wrapped in the veins of her heart.
Sensing him.
Wanting him.
Her one and only.
Precious and dear.
“Wait for me”
She whispers in reply.
 Trembling in the cold, biting wind.
Powerful needs of body and soul.
Dreams so fragile.
If only to glimpse his ship.
“Please God, oh please…”
…soon to be here?
Out on the ocean.
Dark and deep.
Furious, mighty waves.
The elements.
Sailors of the deep, calling.
These enemies surround him.
He stands alone.
Stalwart, tall and brave.
Eyes facing.
Heart racing.
Homeward bound.
clinging to comforts.
Seeing her warm, welcoming smile.
Fragrance of lilies, fading.
Sighs and sorrow.
As another day returns to the night.
“Wait for me”
He shouts in vain;
 to the rain-drenched, thundering skies.
My everlasting promise:
to return to you.
Once again.
Will remain.
Will sustain.
“Wait for me”

 “Wait for Me” © 2008 Geraldine Helen Hartman

from the poetry book: My Poetic Path


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A favorite poem of mine from the archives. Hope you enjoy it too.


PS: Many years ago, I walked these same stairs, to the Widow’s Walk of this much-visited castle; while living in Victoria.

Even now, I remember the feeling of being there and standing in the presence of those passed on. Spirits so real, perhaps still waiting.


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Photo taken at Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria, British Columbia courtesy of: Flickr


Pause to Enjoy the Wonder of Autumn

pause poem

I noted this post in the archives, combining an autumn poem with the photo, that I just posted below this one.

Hope you enjoy the poetic addition! 😉

It’s warm and sunny here in BC.

I was out in a short-sleeved sweater yesterday. What a beautiful day it was! 🙂

Hope the weather is fine, wherever you are.

Have a Glorious Autumn Weekend!

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Autumn’s Magic: A Tau-Ku Poem

autumn magic tau ku

Hope you have a wonderful week. 

Enjoy all the magic and colors of autumn! 🙂

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