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Fading Memories

fading memories
She sits in the diner, far from home.
Lunch rush over.
Blessed quiet restored.
It’s Tuesday, “her day”.
A crosstown bus ride, now a secret and special delight.
Away from the caring but claustrophobic family.
Still time to look back on happier days.
Trying to hold on to precious, fading memories.
The hours to savor, often still hopeful and good.
But too many others, a haze of uncertainty and doubt.
For now…
she will cautiously guard her fragile independence.
If only for a while longer.
Keeping them guessing.
Or so she hopes.
Where did the time go?
When did the children grow up to rise above her?
Knowing “what’s best”.
The mother becoming the child.
The child becoming the mother.
Trying to do their best.
Of that one thing, she is sure.
She grasps fervently and desperately to the time left.
To revel in these sacred moments alone.
Savoring her own thoughts.
Not willing to give up without a fight.
Or without a backward glance.
Her time alone brings other thoughts too.
The hard ones to contemplate.
Regrets for roads not taken.
Dreams not reached for.
Perhaps another knight in shining armour?
Now he will never find her.
Or can he, will he?
As she sits and waits.
She ponders the passing parade.
The hustle and bustle of a generation she will not embrace.
Again her mind wanders to the past.
All cannot be lost.
If she can hold on to that which she alone possesses.
For now, the diner is her refuge from that onslaught.
Time’s cruel and often insidious ways.
It marches on and waits for no one.
The owner looks over and smiles.
Another cup of tea, before she is on her way?
“Yes, thanks.”
After all, it’s just another Tuesday.
And tonight…
the bus will return, just a little late.
“Fading Memories” © 2008 Geraldine H. Hartman

Dedicated to all the people who are caring for elderly loved ones; tragically watching their memories fading away.

Sometimes we must face, a long, heart-breaking goodbye.


This is a poem that seems to have struck a chord with many people.

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From the poetry collection: My Poetic Path.


Also, sharing one of my all-time fav Elvis songs for this week’s prompt:


This video includes some great photos from Elvis’ life.

Submitted for the June 9th Woven Dreams prompt: Memories

Photo courtesy of: Flickr 


I Will Remember You…

As any of my regular blog readers already know, my mom, Helen Ruth and I were very close.



She passed on 6 years ago this May.

Missing her is an ache in my heart that has never gone away. 

One of the things that does help when I’m feeling particularly sad some days, is remembering all the fun we shared over the years; in particular when we were working on craft projects together.

My mom and I were both avid seamstresses and knitters and we spent many a happy hour,  sewing and knitting up a storm, often into the wee hours of the morning. Losing track of time as the hours flew by in creativity and conversation. But of course, with a stop for food “fuel-ups” now and then. 😉

I still have many sets of her old knitting needles. Some are chipped and worn at the points but I still love using them. They make me feel connected to my mom. Like she is still here with me, watching what I’m working on and encouraging me when I hit a snag!

She would have loved to see the resurgence in interest for knitting and crochet and how so many young women (and guys too!) are taking up  yarn crafts for the first time. 🙂


I started this colorful knit scarf this week, using a set of my mom’s knitting needles:

 remember post 001

It should look like this when complete:

scarf complete

This one’s for you mom.♥

I will remember you… always.

Also written for the March 31st, Woven Dreams  prompt: Remember

PS: Here’s the link to this scarf  kit/pattern, in case you’d like to knit one too! It’s easy!

Happy Easter Everyone! 🙂