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Happy Mom’s Day and a Poem for Mine


Helen Ruth Hartman


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.🙂

And a big hug to everyone who is missing their mom today, as I am. 

The poem below is one I wrote for her a few years ago.

Sending hugs and kisses to you, mom. 

You are always in my thoughts and  in my ♥ .


Blue Butterfly.

Finally free to fly again.
Up above.
Far from the troubles and sadness.
This world had been for too long.

You are with me…
Day by day.
Your presence stronger than ever.
Your touch, always within reach.

As you flit among the flowers and the trees.
Sharing your beauty.
A miracle of grace and rebirth.
No longer sadness, only joy and release.

As the spring becomes the summer.
May you bask in the warmth you loved so much.
Skim the lake, savor the scents, seeing clearly.
And being all that you were, once again.

Up in the blue, blue skies.
And in my heart.
Forever and unchanged.
Blue butterfly.
You shall remain.


Dedicated to my mother:
Helen Ruth Hartman, who passed on in May 2007.

‘Blue Butterfly’-poem © Geraldine H. Hartman 2008


I Will Remember You…

As any of my regular blog readers already know, my mom, Helen Ruth and I were very close.



She passed on 6 years ago this May.

Missing her is an ache in my heart that has never gone away. 

One of the things that does help when I’m feeling particularly sad some days, is remembering all the fun we shared over the years; in particular when we were working on craft projects together.

My mom and I were both avid seamstresses and knitters and we spent many a happy hour,  sewing and knitting up a storm, often into the wee hours of the morning. Losing track of time as the hours flew by in creativity and conversation. But of course, with a stop for food “fuel-ups” now and then. 😉

I still have many sets of her old knitting needles. Some are chipped and worn at the points but I still love using them. They make me feel connected to my mom. Like she is still here with me, watching what I’m working on and encouraging me when I hit a snag!

She would have loved to see the resurgence in interest for knitting and crochet and how so many young women (and guys too!) are taking up  yarn crafts for the first time. 🙂


I started this colorful knit scarf this week, using a set of my mom’s knitting needles:

 remember post 001

It should look like this when complete:

scarf complete

This one’s for you mom.♥

I will remember you… always.

Also written for the March 31st, Woven Dreams  prompt: Remember

PS: Here’s the link to this scarf  kit/pattern, in case you’d like to knit one too! It’s easy!

Happy Easter Everyone! 🙂


A Post for My Mom and Happy Mother’s Day

It will be five years this week since my mom passed on.

It is an ache in my heart that never really leaves. I miss her so much.

With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday, there are reminders everywhere of how many things I miss about my mom.

Her favorite color was blue so I’m sharing this photo again. This was a flower and shade of blue she especially loved.

This is a previous post from 2008: A Day at the Park .

It was a special day I spent alone: to honor my mom, dwell on the good times we had… It brought tears to my eyes, re-reading it recently.

This year, I have a “knit and sew day” planned for my mom’s day. Two hobbies she absolutely loved.

I re-introduced her to knitting after she had given up the craft, many years ago. She was so glad that I did. Knitting was such a joy to her. And she taught me so much about sewing, she was an excellent seamstress. I learned from the best.

Some my happiest memories with her, making something beautiful out of a piece of fabric or a ball of yarn. The simple things and times that were so much fun and are such good memories to think about now.

If your mom is still with you here on earth, cherish the time you can spend with her. Never take it for granted. They leave such a gap in our lives when they are gone.

Happy Mother’s Day.