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What Makes a Poem: Great,So-So…or just plain BAD?

I’ve been giving this question/topic a lot of thought recently, reading all kinds of poetry, written by various poets. Some classics, some new, some good, some ok, some IMHO just plain bad.

First of all, what are your thoughts on this winning poem from a recent Writer’s Digest competition?

I received this collection in the mail recently. Yes, I did have an entry in this contest that didn’t win. No, I am not a “sore” loser but I’ve got to ask, is this 1st Prize poem a winner, in your opinion? The word that came to mind for me was: “shocked”. I was actually shocked by what work had been chosen as the best from what was  probably 1000’s of entries.

I really would like to know if this is “just me”. What do you think? Please stop by WD via the link above and do leave a comment here if you can!

On to a more positive poetry experience….

I also recently received a poetry book from my blog friend Sandy Carlson. Her collection: Seventeen Park Lane is just wonderful. I was blown away by so many of the poems. Touching, evocative, well-written….I enjoyed every poem and have re-read many again and again.


Here are two examples of Sandy’s beautiful work from this collection:



Every summer, does lead their fawns

To dad’s patch of day lilies

Before the buds bloom

And they eat them,

Leaving dad

Humbled with headless stems

Dad curses the deer,

Though they are gone

When he shouts at  the phantoms

It is his custom

To curse as he cuts

The headless stems

Though he knows

They will grow again

And again.

There is love

In this dialogue

And expectations fulfilled.



Daffodils stoop in April snow.

Snow will melt.

Crows darken treetops with harsh songs.

Songs bring dawn.

Violets nod to the morning sun.

The sun rises.

Robins sing to morning light.

Light grows warm.

Worms press life into hard earth.

Earth hears God.


Yes, yes, yes….this is what I think poetry should be all about!

Memories re-visited, ideas explored, lines carefully crafted. The real deal. Words and emotions that resonate with the reader. 

 If you’d like to order a copy of this wonderful collection visit: Seventeen Park Lane.

So, back to you. In your opinion, what make a poem memorable and meaningful? What does it take to make a poem stand out? Do tell!

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