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A Wonderful Blog Friend Has Said Goodbye…


I happened to click through to my friend Sue Turner’s blog today and was so shocked to read that she passed on this summer. I knew she was struggling with some issues but never realized it was so serious. Sue was not one to complain or dwell on her own problems.

Sue’s blog Tumblewords was a popular place with many bloggers. She shared her wonderful artwork and poetry there and touched the hearts of so many of us, through the years.  

I considered Sue to be a friend, beyond just stopping by at each other’s blogs to comment. We often emailed back and forth and I got to know her as a gentle, talented and thoughtful person.

I am just stunned by the shock of this and so sad writing this. 

Sue’s granddaughter has posted a final post for Sue over at Tumblewords. If you knew Sue too, do stop by.

Farewell dear Sue, love you…you will not be forgotten.