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Craving Snow?


yearning haiku

A nice light “dusting” will do .😊

It’s been raining on and off, for days, here on Vancouver Island.

🎄 A White Christmas would be so nice!🎄

This photo and haiku is from years ago, when we lived in Interior BC. 

How has your weather been?

Are you expecting a White Christmas?


Handmade and Heartfelt Holiday Gifts!

Well, the WordPress snow has now arrived so it definitely ’tis the season’ to think about gifts, of all kinds. 😉

I hope you find this recent post from Veggies, Yarns & Tails, helpful and inspiring.

I really do think heartfelt gifts are the way to go, all year round.

Have a wonderful, magical week! 🙂


gift ideas 2013

I ♥ handmade and heartfelt gifts, to give and to receive.

Made with ♥, special and one of a kind gifts. Also, giving of our time, in big and small ways. Treasures and memories that will be enjoyed and remembered for years to come.

Gotta ♥ all those reasons and more. 😉

On the eve of Black Friday, I thought I’d share some suggestions here at Veggies…for easy to make handmade gifts and other ideas, just in time for Christmas.

What is your fav handmade gift that you’ve made for someone or received?


From the kitchen:

Easy Chocolate Hazelnut Clusters

Slow Cooker Party Mix

The BEST Gingersnap Cookies

Spicy Honey Almonds


Knit and Crochet:

52 Free Dishcloth Patterns 

Some Lovely Knit Shawls

Five Spring Knit Cowls

How to Knit Socks and an Easy Peasy Pattern


 Giving of Your Time and Talents

(the most special gifts of all, IMO)

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Are You Yearning for Snow???


yearning haiku

I am! 😉

We’ve had quite a bit of rain recently, here in BC but just a bit of snow that melts before it hits the ground at lower elevations (where we are). 

This haiku and photo came to mind today, as I scanned the cloudy skies.

Any snow where you are?

Have a wonderful, magical weekend! 🙂


Haiku Reflections: Snow Melts, Reveals Spring

snow melts reveals spring

Spring comes early, here in BC Canada.

And this year, I can’t wait! 🙂

Unlike where I grew up on the Prairies, where it’s not unusual to have snow, well into May.

I’ve had spring on my mind a lot these days. It’s been so grey and dreary lately. 😦

But thoughts of sunshine and color, keep me looking forward; if only in my thoughts and dreams.

This haiku from my first haiku book: Haiku Reflections: The Four Seasons, came to mind recently too.

It also gave me a little mood-boost! I hope it does the same for you too! 🙂

Happy (and hopefully, early) Spring! 


Waiting for the First Snow: A Tau-Ku Poem

Waiting for the first snow.

White skies.

A longing: returning each Fall.


I snow. Especially the first snowfall of the year.

So fresh, clean and white. So many good memories brought to mind too.

We had so much snow on the Canadian Prairies when I was growing up.

Here in BC, not nearly as much now but still lovely to see, to walk in, to breathe the clean air.

Are you waiting for snow too?

Happy Week! 🙂


Haiku Reflections:Humility in the Presence of Nature



Stopped along the trail.

Humbled by this wondrous sight.

The silence,the awe…



 Hello visitors and OSI participants.

 I now have a new review blog: My Real Life Reviews.

It’s been great fun creating this new online space. I hope my reviews from MY REAL LIFE will be helpful, informative and entertaining.🙂 Stop by soon!


Submitted for the OSI prompt: Humility


Haiku Reflections: A Quiet Winter Moment



Also submitted for the OSI prompt: Stillness